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Welcome to the group! Please be patience with me while I figure out and set everything up!
Any questions or concerns? Note the group, Fishxbowl or check out the Q&A!

Terrabeaus are a species highly based on its community! Making friends, and developing characters is highly encouraged! Terrabeaus are meant to be easy and fun to draw and endless of possibilities!
Species is owned and created by Sourkittyarts

Quick rules!
-Necrobeaus are an open species, please make as many as you would like.
-Necrobeaus can only become a Terrabeau after you have read and filled out the form found here --->
-Necrobeaus gain "life" points(lp) every time you draw them attached to their "thing" or write a small story. LP is handed out by Fishxbowl
-Terrabeaus and Crystal cats are closed species, don't make your own! Similar things are okay as long as they're not super unique anatomically., but please do not make something similar and call it a Terrabeau or a Crystal cat! I will never attack you for having something similar, and I expect the same respect in return. What matters is the community!
-buy owning a Terrabeau, Necrobeau or CrystalCat you are agreeing to the species Tos!




More Things

Please go to each vendor and trainer according listed here~
Traveling Mercent
Post office
Black Market

Also see
EXP And Currency Gain for Explaination on how that works and Currency for the worth for each.

Our Mater list is hosted at Terradex and terradex on TH

If you need an admin or a mod, tag

Designers that are approved


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