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Syojatar and Great Frost

According to old Finnish poems, the Great Frost (Pakkanen) was breastfed by the Devouress (Syöjätär), or snakes, until it became an evil and powerful force.

In the Finnish national epic Kalevala, the Great Frost freezes the whole land until the great shaman tames it with spells.

Frost, the son of wicked parents,
Hero-son of evil manners,
Hastens off to freeze the ocean...

While in infancy who fed thee
While thy mother could not nurse thee?
Surely thou wert fed by adders,
Nursed by foul and slimy serpents;
North-winds rocked thee into slumber,
Cradled thee in roughest weather...

Evil-born and evil-nurtured,
Grew to be an evil genius,
Evil was thy mind and spirit...

He began to grow important,
He became a fierce intruder,
Fearless grew in his invasions,
Freezes everything before him.
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Ohhh buddy... this is kinda expressive and yet interesting. o/
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Very scary but realistic looking feminist :D
e-s-kim0's avatar
Great epic as inspiration + great artistic skills => great painting.
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Thank you so much! :)
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Awesome to the Max
TeroPorthan's avatar
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Very very welcome
TeroPorthan's avatar
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Ma boi Tero, that is an amazing piece ov dark art ! Hug 
TeroPorthan's avatar
Thanks so much pal! :D :highfive:
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Amazing as always! Don' t want to meet this one at night (or daytime for that matter ;) )
TeroPorthan's avatar
Thank you very much! Yep, agree with you there! :D
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Great piece of art! 
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Amazing as always. Great narrative.
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Thank you! Glad you like! :D
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Ah, so cool :D
And like always, shamans saved the day ;D
TeroPorthan's avatar
Thank you! And yes, shamans to the rescue! :D :D
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Lovely work as always Tero, along with your description. You never stop surprising me.
TeroPorthan's avatar
Thank you so much, happy to hear it!! :D
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