Productivity report, 24th edition.

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Hey there. I finished drawing Threads chapter 3 and have the next one all planned out. Work on Willow's Tale is coming along well, too. My goal is to have all of the pages drawn by the end of the year, and that still looks pretty doable. I've actually been working to figure out what projects I'm going to start next year. I want to have a timeline for my projects and actually stick to my schedule properly, unlike how this year has gone. I haven't been the most diligent...I haven't even finished the code editing for my comic themes...still...

Back on the main subject, now. Last time, I mentioned a Secret Project that I started in October. That is going to be worked on next year, definitely, and I want to work on at least one other story as well. I need to figure out which one. I have a lot of ideas. *-* There are a couple of serious stories and a couple silly ones. One in particular, I'm thinking of starting up because just thinking about it makes me really happy.

I'll have a lot to work on next year but I'm so excited about it. ^^

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