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A lonely soul.
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A vague dream


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A vague dream


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Quiet times


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Black cat

Laana Maji

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Tall people.

Fear Without A Name

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Willow page 11 preview.

Willow's Tale

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The Empty King: Chapter 4

The Empty King

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Lake Guardians

Pokemon People

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A vague dream


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Dream eaters

Spiderwebs stretched across a hazy sky colored in perpetual twilight. Beneath them, the city fought to ignore the fine webs spun above their heads. Amidst the crowds of terrified people walked a number dreamless souls, the ones who'd lost themselves to the eyeless spiders that crawled across the skies. Those that could still dream at night were often plagued with nightmares. Though the skies never changed, clocks still functioned, and at night the city's dreamers gathered at the Center. The unassuming building had no windows on the lower ten floors. The upper ten were nothing but tinted glass, where the researchers did their work. From those


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