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That hair.

See that hair? That gorgeous, deep red hair? (How can you miss it, right?)
That's why I drew this picture, 'cause when I get around to writing the story there won't be a chance to show it off.
Who cares about proper light sources or details or backgrounds when I can play around with black and show off the full glory of Keenan's stupidly long and pretty hair.

So I guess the question is why this cute little guy has long hair in the first place.
The answer? There isn't much of one. His summons just have a tendency to attack anyone around him that happens to be carrying something sharp, so scissors can't go near him.
The summons attack anyone regardless of whether or not they have anything sharp, but there's a higher risk if you have a pocket knife, box cutter, craft scissors, letter opener, or cleats on your boots.

Another question might be why he has wings on his hoodie, or why he's tying it around his waist instead of wearing it. The answer to the first is because wings are cute. The second, because I needed a situation in which he's not wearing it properly.

I hope you like hair.

I do.

Keenan is a boy, I promise.
He just doesn't look like one from behind.

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I thought he was Levis at first. His hair kind of looks like that, right?
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Levis has a short formerly-layered bob cut with a long rat-tail thing. It's very silly but suits him. I haven't drawn a picture for Chroma in way too long, omg.
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WAY TOO LONG. But both of their hairstyles are cool.
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I'll get on it. D:

They're fun to draw, for sure.
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Draw Glory and Levis on adventures O:

Yes, they look like it!!
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Adventure is the best.
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What kind of adventure...hmm...
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My gosh, that is indeed gorgeous hair. :D
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