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Sweet and Key

I finally got some full-body shots of Sweet and Key. Their outfits are silly, but much tamer than my swordsman of the same story.

Sweet is a friendly guy, though he's a bit on the lazy side. In case it's hard to read, his shirt says "If You Please", which is the title of one of his favorite bands' albums. The band itself is 'Life in Pieces', something of a goth rock group. He's got a bunch of shirts with their stuff on it. The band is never mentioned in the story so I'm just explaining it now, since most of what I'm drawing him in is relevant...

Key has a lot of black in his wardrobe, but he has a lot of stuff that he wears in styles that range from kind of dark to pretty neat. He's a calm, thoughtful person for the most part. I don't know what he's looking at in this picture but it seems to be confusing..

Sweet is a bit tall, Key's about average height. However, up until high school, Key was the taller one. Then Sweet hit a growth spurt and is still quite fond of teasing his dear friend about the switch.

Key is in college, Sweet has a job. Sweet actually pays most of the bills, so Key does the errands and cleaning for the most part. Thankfully, while Sweet is pretty lazy, he's not a messy person.

I enjoy drawing Key's uneven hair, but Sweet's outfit is a bit odd. Key, friends don't let friends dress like that. Go fix his wardrobe.
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Whoaaaaa Key's outfit

Sweet would look better if he removed the awkward ragged tank top. Yeesh.
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Key likes simple, clean styles.
Sweet wears whatever he feels like. Sweet, why're you dressing so badly? D:
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Sweet is a rebel against conventional views of fashion as "things that look good when you wear them".

Key looks like he's wearing a uniform.
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Ah, Sweet. Such a rebel.

But it's a nice uniform.
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Without a discernible cause. Maybe all his other clothes were sticky.

It is a very nice uniform.
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Yes, he's dressing badly because he spilled chocolate sauce on his freshly cleaned laundry.
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Sweet, you need to take better care not to eat sundaes right next to the basket of fresh clothes.
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Leaving clothes by the kitchen is always a bad idea.
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