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Pokemon gijinka. Guess what he is. Answer in:
Chandelure. I hope that was clear.
I love Chandelure. Ghost Pokemon in general, really. Rotom is adorable, Chandelure just looks so fancy...Dusknoir looks a little toony, but getting radio signals from the spirit world makes it a-okay.
It's the stories behind the ghosts, really, like how Chandelure's fire will burn out your spirit and Gengar can hide in your shadows.

Back on topic, this is my darling Chandelure. His name is Sorin. He's level 67 right now and has a hasty nature. I picture him as having the same expression all the time and acting more important than he is, then getting upset when people don't do what he wants.
The thing he's holding is just a torch. There are four swirly bits because I didn't feel like drawing the normal Chandelure arms on it. It just provides light and may or may not burn your soul to pieces.

I my world, Chandelure and Dusknoir don't get along very well because Chandelure keeps burning up the souls Dusknoir's trying to take to the spirit world.

I was going to draw a full-body picture, but the buttons on his pants felt like too much trouble so I drew a portrait next to him instead.
Those goggles are just decoration; he can't see out of them and they have no nose thing so they wouldn't be comfortable anyway.

Honestly, I have no idea where I was going with the original sketches. All I knew was that I wanted a swirly, messy ponytail and added in a bunch of my favorite things, like a multitude of buttons and goggles...

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo/Game Freak/whoever holds the legal rights to it.
Sorin is mine and I will pet his hair as much as I want. :T

I might draw more of these. I love designing costumes and characters like this.
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Yes. Yes he is.
But he's an adult.
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I call a lot of people "kid". Including people older than me.
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I do the same. But usually not to their faces.

Working on a Dusknoir next. Those two will be BFFS (read as: the most hateful enemies a single team can have).
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They're my friends. They don't care.

Wheeeeee hatred!
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I do enjoy a good friendly death match.
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The same expression all the time? Eerie.
Ghost Poke'mon SUCCESS
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It's kind of funny when he's angry because he looks so chipper.
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