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Green Goblin by TerminAitor Green Goblin by TerminAitor
THE Green Goblin. No other way to start a special Goblins' redesign series than with the original green spiderf***er himself. What I find curious is that a villain with a name that implies magic or mithology is actually one of the most well equiped techno-freaks that fly over NY. The goblin paraphernalia is wicked cool and together with his personality makes a great foe. What bothers me is that annoying way they have t give this kind of characters an epic final and then screw it by bringing them back to life, usually in a very dumb way. The legacy of the Green Goblin should have passed onto somebody else, and arry and Norman should be very well death. Or never have "died" in the first place.

What I pretended here is to make an outfit consisting in an armor or suit ith baggy clothes on it and halloween mask, the classic way. For Norman, being the first Goblin is not as importat to be fully practical than to be theatrical, to carry his madness to a extreme point. The bat-glider looks somewhat simple, as it whould be the first model. Hope you like it!

Again, the design from :iconcheeks-74: was great, frightening, (you owe me some publicity man! XD) and his appearance in the Spectacular Spider-man remembered that first Goblin that was a mobster, a clever and calculating crime lord. In the 90's cartoon, it was great to see a really evil GG too. What I don't like is the most recent designs, that depict him with some kind of medieval armor. Too heavy...
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blastrayo21 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014
Bad guy material, both as the green gobin and as norman(dark reign)
Onisatsu18 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool design. I hope they make GG look a bit like this in a future Spidey film.
jihef03 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012
Great design, man . The Green Goblin is my favourite villain , and you depicted him very well, with that crazy face (seriously, how does Osborn manage to grin like this, sometimes I wonder...)
I like the scarf you've added, it makes him a lot more theatrical . It's not a cape, of course, but it makes its effect .

I redesigned the Goblin a lot of time myself, but I never found something really satisfying, must because I can't fully choose beetween a fantasy-goblin, who would have built his weapons, or more going in an halloween-themed character, more scary and less technological .
About the medieval armor, I got to say, I've find it pretty cool . The fact it made him heavier made more ...dignified, and tougher at the same time . And still, Mike Deaodato made him perfect by using the armor, but making him less heavy, just look it up : [link]

As you said about ressurecting him and Harry, I fell mixed about this . It was great to see Norman again, but lately they used him very badly ( Dark Reign, yurk!) .
And since Harry doesn't to be the Goblin, it's like there is no Green Goblin anymore in the Spider-Universe . And my God, I miss him . :(
JohnVichlenski Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012  Professional General Artist
Love your cartoon style. Its badass :spidey:
CatWoman-cali-onyx Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh! He looks so crazy! :D
whaborg Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2011
And I thought cheeks version was awesome...This is just awesome...!!!
envidia14 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
muy buen rediseño, es bien acertado! y balanceado tambien, teatral y tecnologicamente.
SilverZeo Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010  Hobbyist
Be back in a New York Minute.
DarthWill3 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Go Goblin!
castiboy Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Wicked cool design. You really know how to bring technology and stylization together, the perfect mixture of both. :+fav:

Despite all the awesomeness, I think there's one thing that could work better with this design: the pouches. Although they look great, it doesn't make much sense for a villain that would spend so much money on his hi-tech suite to use plain hand sewed pouches to store his weapons. Dealing with those zippers in flight must be hard! I'm sure the Halloween look could be well implemented in a more practical, tech-y "utility belt".
TerminAitor Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
You are absolutely right! Osborn would have all automatized, being the mask the only thing that would be somehow theatrical. My bad XD
young00 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2010
I love it! You're goblins are nice!
wetboy40 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2010
dio-03 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010  Student Artist
terrifying and iconic.
cheeks-74 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010   General Artist
Can we PLEASE get you to design the next Spidey series. I'd sit there all day glued to waching your designs dance across the screen.
TerminAitor Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
oh bro, I wish XD But really, most of these are just shadows of you work, and if you don't believe it just wait and see. Your designs were clever and great! You must be proud of it. It's a pitty the series stopped... but sure as hell you are now working on some top-secret and cool stuff, aren't ya? :P
nimibro Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010
very awesome! can i try to do a more darker, realistic manip fo this design?
TerminAitor Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Of course!just don't forget to link it when it's done!:)
nimibro Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2010
thanks! i mean, i'll change it a bit, but it would be very close to yours (because i don't hae much resources, if any :P...):)
Kei-Hopekeeper Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Se nota la influencia del GG del espectacular Spiderman, especialmente en la máscara, pero me encanta.

Siempre he pensado que el señor Osborno tenía demasiado tiempo libre a la hora de personalizar sus armas, pero hay que reconocer que el efecto escénico era muy efectivo.

Al de la serie de los años 90 lo recuerdo vagamente, de imagen, y que también lo hacían "morir" y volver con demasiada facilidad (un recurso que nunca me ha gustado en ningún cómic ni serie animada, la verdad).

El del Espectacular Spiderman me encantó, y hay que reconocer que el giro de guión (el cuál no espoilearé) del último capítulo, así como los planes que urde para hacerse con el control del crimen de la ciudad y cargarse a Spiderman sin ni siquiera tener que hacer acto de presencia son de hijo de puta redomado (y de megalomaníaco perdido).

El GG de la película de Spiderman también me gustó. Quizás no tan megalomaníaco y no tan jefe del crimen, pero el punto de la doble personalidad y su mayor actitud psicópata lo compensan. Aunque sigo prefiriendo al del Espectacular Spiderman.
BHM-Studios Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010  Student
M encanta y concido con el señor ":iconelectrocereal:" en lo de Mysterio.... Por cierto, me encantaron las bolsas con caroñas que le adosaste al duende en la cintura.
ElectroCereal Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Te estás marcando unos rediseños muy guapos aitor! Este y Doc Oc son los que mas me gustan de los enemigos de spidey hasta la fecha, pero estoy deseando ver que haces con Mysterio!!
TerminAitor Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Está diseñado ya, esta serie la empec´hace ya casi un año :) Mira a ver si te gusta [link]

Y la galería entera

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