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THE Green Goblin. No other way to start a special Goblins' redesign series than with the original green spiderf***er himself. What I find curious is that a villain with a name that implies magic or mithology is actually one of the most well equiped techno-freaks that fly over NY. The goblin paraphernalia is wicked cool and together with his personality makes a great foe. What bothers me is that annoying way they have t give this kind of characters an epic final and then screw it by bringing them back to life, usually in a very dumb way. The legacy of the Green Goblin should have passed onto somebody else, and arry and Norman should be very well death. Or never have "died" in the first place.

What I pretended here is to make an outfit consisting in an armor or suit ith baggy clothes on it and halloween mask, the classic way. For Norman, being the first Goblin is not as importat to be fully practical than to be theatrical, to carry his madness to a extreme point. The bat-glider looks somewhat simple, as it whould be the first model. Hope you like it!

Again, the design from :iconcheeks-74: was great, frightening, (you owe me some publicity man! XD) and his appearance in the Spectacular Spider-man remembered that first Goblin that was a mobster, a clever and calculating crime lord. In the 90's cartoon, it was great to see a really evil GG too. What I don't like is the most recent designs, that depict him with some kind of medieval armor. Too heavy...
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Nice! The stitch-mouthed pumpkins, armor/baggy clothing costume, and simple Goblin Glider are nice touches.