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Dark Alchemy

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No scape...

Hope you like it!
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ShidykHobbyist Writer
Truly evil! :XD: :rofl:
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Red-Rum-18Hobbyist General Artist
Wasn't there a comic where a criminal duct-taped kidnapped babies to his clothes to deter police? 
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Fight fire with fire I saw... or in this case... kitties... but in my case... :iconkillitwithfireplz:
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Erichan8DDHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's diabolic...
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Mira que la leí veces en el tomo... y me sigo descojonando xDDDDDDD.
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shakaleprekaunHobbyist General Artist
Qué jodido crack!!!

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Quiero uno!!!
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LazytrollHobbyist Artisan Crafter
LVL over 9000 armor...
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Tan terriblemente brillante
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where do you get these ideas? puppy armor? briliant!
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Of course, He's screwed when the inevitable catman-race gets there. 
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medi-packHobbyist General Artist
I get the feeling this might finally endear him to the Slave Elf :D
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is it customisable?
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IS it customisable!?!?!?! Are you kidding!?! Have you seen the variety of colours they come in? We've only just got the autumn pinks in! AND you can have the level of cuteness adjusted to your needs. For a simple payment of $5.99 (doesnotinclude5%VAT,TAXandeveryavailablecolourand/orbreed) for the first month, you can have your VERY own Puppy armor(Co.).
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So shall I put down for a deposit?...
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hmmm sounds a bit pricy
how about i trade you 40 slaves and 1 maiden we call fair?
L4nc3Murdock's avatar
Ahhh, we can give you an extra bonus for the maiden. They're a valuable commodity. For that we can throw in a free pair of kitten slipper of your choice.
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hmm i dont need kitten slippers, as the corpse of my fallen victims keep my feet warm :evillaugh:
L4nc3Murdock's avatar
Hmm, I see. Well perhaps you'll find other great uses for them. Maybe give the to one of your loyal minions as a reward or perhaps use them as torturer devise. There's no limit to the possibility of uses with the kitten slippers. AND they come with a lifetime guarantee of quality ware and tear.
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