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Batman-Why I Hate Batman

By TerminAitor
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Finally, a year or so after I made this little story [link] I dared again to make another fancomic about the Dark Knight.

The idea for this comic is more silly and funny than that of the 'The Tailor' comic, maybe you guys don't find it appropiate for the Batman universe... but I enjoyed drawing this. I thought that in Gotham, Batman would be smebody the kids look up to, but not aware of the dark world that surrounds him. Surely no kid would know who the Joker or Killer Croc were or how do they look like, since adults try to hide the existance of this psychos away of their children. No need to scare them.

So, if a kid like Billy here should meet some beast like Croc, I think he would think he is some kind of dinosaur, the coolest pet you can find! And then Batman comes and spoils all the fun... not fair!

I hope you like this homage to one of the coolest heroes around! Spelling and all short of corrections are wellcome!
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BlackSummerDreams's avatar
Oh my gosh batman looks so hurt - he can accept heroes, villains and random citizens hating him but a child? The horror. THE ANGUISH. He's so sad about it I can't 

This is the guy who lost his childhood. It twists the knife in just that little bit more.

Foxy-Knight's avatar
Not quite mad love but a bit on the macabre side, twisted innocence at it's finest. Looks like that boy is in for a talk
teran4ever's avatar
Billy Finjer? Bobby Cane? I see what you did there, haha. Awesome comic.
BlancaXLobo's avatar
really interesting storyline
corbenfan84's avatar
oh this is so fantastic great job
Jfmam's avatar
Aw, poor Batman! The look on his face, as well as the father's, is priceless.
The art is really well done, and the addition of the childish drawings is a nice touch.
LinkTC86's avatar
I Thought you Did that with "Bobby Cane" Excellent Job =)
EveApplefield's avatar
i love this comic so much ! everything really ! it has a nice little "calvin and hobbes" feeling and yet it keeps the dark, batman-like atmosphere
Greyknight-Champlain's avatar
Dumb kid, Its Killer Croc for Primus sake! he would have bitten your head off!
This was awesome!
Zombie4ever's avatar
Same for me except Batman arrested my crush. All he wanted was to kill stupid people. Is it that really that bad?
Zer0thea's avatar
WWWWOOOAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Twist ending! XD
ElenaMegan's avatar
He's just a child. When he's older, then he'll understand.
bruiser128's avatar
This comic strip makes a lot of sense for kids to hate batman.
This is actually pretty sad. It was pretty funny when the little kid pwned Batman at the end, though. :P
FoocheZ's avatar
<3 beaUTIFUL!
mariods's avatar
Qué maravillancia de cómic. Qué BRAVO. 8D
Wyn-de-Weynilard's avatar
Me encanta la forma de alternar lo que cuenta el niño con lo que en verdad pasó xD
Creo que nunca he visto algo así... Pero tampoco es que haya leído muchas cosas...
También me gusta que esté a lápiz. Creo que no sería lo mismo si estuviese entintado y a color...
MARoy's avatar
haha i cant decide if this comic is hilarious, or just plain awesome..maybe both
both, both is good
vera-san's avatar
Everyone says it's funny, but I actually got a little sad at the end. D; Doesn't change the fact that this is a great comic, though. Wonderful work!
AuraShaman's avatar
Oh my god! ...He could've said what he did first.
Sabrerine911's avatar
One of best things ive seen so far,fantastic job dude.Gotta love that croc ^^
Sabrerine911's avatar
One of best things ive seen so far fantastic job dude.Gotta love that croc ^^
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