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Batman -The Tailor

You asked for it.

So, while on vacation, I came up with this question: where do all the supervillains from comics get their customes from? One thing is to be one of the good guys and have help, but when you are an outlaw live is not easy, and it becomes harder if you have to mantain your image! Not everybody can sew, I can tell you!

So, from that idea came this fan-comic about the Dark Knight, done with a pencil and LOP (Loads Of Pattience). I hope you really like this, I sure had fun, and have other ideas in my head that may see the light...maybe on my next vacations. XD

EDIT: TaIlor, and not TaYlor, is the correct word as :iconm-i-n-k-k: noticed, so I tried to patch the drawing with photshop's clone tool, and corrected the text.
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Just imagine Harvey, walking in, then he says, "You always made me great suits. I'd pay you good money for a custom job."

And what about Mr. Berstein being the guy who made little Brucie's suit on that day that he lost his parents?

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now that was a great comic

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I just want to say I really love this comic.

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mega cool:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 

Didn't the old Animated series have an episode showing him, or is my memory fuzzy.

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Every time I read this story, I keep imagining Berstein's voice as Wayne Knight.
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Makes so much sense. Gotham has to have somebody who does this. Though I guess Alfred was too busy for Batman.

I always thought he did any work.
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Found this by accident and i love it so so much!!
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It's a simple yet very well executed premise. :)
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That is so perfect! 
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I feel this should have been a mini comic IN continuity with the main Batman comics. Like should be published.
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Buenísimo che!
Muy buena la historia y se completa muy bien con los cambios de cámara y la iluminación.
Me encantó.
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Damn, Bats must trust this guy 0.0
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This is so awesome ! I'm not specially fan of batman to be honnest, but I love those kinde of stories! Beside, the drawing style is on point and very elegant. I like that in the end, Bruce didn't mind showing him is face.

I was wondering if you'd allow me to translate it in french? I have a few batman fans in my family but they don't read english. Since I don't want to just repost your art, maybe I could download it, translate and send it back to you, so you could have it on your page?
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Very well done!
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I like to think that Batman's solution to the whole thing was to convince the villains that fucking with the guy who makes your costumes is a really, really bad idea, so the next time they need work done, they're more respectful.
When you're a villain, you see a lot of action. You take hits. You run and jump around a lot. You might need to improvise tools from your clothing. And when that happens, one bad stitch, one weak section, one piece of carelessness can be the difference between life and death. Berstein isn't cruel enough to rig their clothing to do that, but every last one of these guys and gals have had One Bad Day that pushed them too far. They should be afraid of giving their tailor one.

After this ordeal, I like to think that Penguin still shops here, but leaves big tips and doesn't scowl so much. Croc is less touchy-feely, and Hatter is less... detailed about why he wants his dresses this way or that.

Joker's still banned outright though, so Harley has to do his clothes-shopping.
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^ this comment!! Yes I love this cool headcanon you've got going on
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I have always loved this comic!
I'm reminded of Leo Zelinski from Marvel.
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This is amazing. 
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Your work is so awesome !!!
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