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Bane, the berserko thug. Instead of a leather mask, I used a metalic helmet in this design, wich I think gives him a more "beastly" look. By erasing the facial expresion, all the personality remains in his acts, which in Bane's case are all pure brute force, wall braking and car smashing fun( I don't remember quite well, but I thin he didn't speak in the film, did he?). The handcuffs and the belt have those rings that give a clue of the way Bane is held every time he is arrested, chained like a berserker dog (not for long, of course).

His skin shows the effects of the esteroids he uses, giving him a strange tone... this last detail comes from the design from The Batman, where you can see Bane mutate in a very original way. Nevertheless, my favourite Bane is the one from the Gotham Knights series.

EDIT: (after looking Bane up in Wikipedia) Well, wadayaknow, it seems Bane is a more whise fella than you could imagine by looking at his latest incarnations. My bad, lack of documentation. Although he seems to be famous for braking Batman's back XD
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Bane-"The Venom is just back-up. The real muscle*points at head* is in here"