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And that's why closing MU is wrong

By TerminAitor
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True, it's worse in Canada, we've become a joke banana republic dictatorship run by organized crime who are friends with the government... 😿
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How very frikking true, those f*****g politicians and movie cooperations should read this comic.
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RyuSpikeHobbyist Digital Artist
It gets harder to say that I'm proud to be an American every day.
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FlyingRamProfessional Digital Artist
Well done!
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shit dude :/....

nice comparission though :)
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DarksilvaniaProfessional General Artist
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esta esta buena
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Y asi de jodida es la realidad
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ErknenHobbyist General Artist
I don't wnat to add comment, quit asking me to add comic.
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Joder , con una tira de 3 viñetas has dicho todo ... eres un genio tio .
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Muy certero, tio.
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Raist-MajereHobbyist General Artist
Y esto señoras y señores, es por qué el gobierno de Estados Unidos no es más que una puta marioneta que se deja manejar por todas esas empresas que quieren seguir manteniendo un sistema arcaico y estúpido en vez de reciclarse y evolucionar con los tiempos.
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darkdukehpHobbyist Traditional Artist
simplemente genial
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GaironHobbyist Digital Artist
Here's an idea. Why not--SEEK THE PEOPLE ACTUALLY DOING THIS!?!!?!
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Oh, that's just a load of [INFORMATION REDACTED]
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WaggonerCartoonsStudent Artist
This comic speaks the truth!
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Zoomzoom90Hobbyist Writer
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mattwilson83Hobbyist General Artist
wow. That is a great comic to put the point across. :) well done :D
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Nominate for DD?
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RansilHobbyist Photographer
Grandioso, Aitor.
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Just found out about it... now I can't access full episodes fo Wakfu without buying pirated DVD or ordering both the DVDs from France as well as the right regional player for them....
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bienmexicanoHobbyist Traditional Artist
ajajaja muy bueno y muy real es una lastima lo de MEGAUPLOAD :(
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