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Cia - Hyrule Warriors



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After nearly 8 months of work, I finally finished this costume and was able to wear it to Indy PopCon!  When I first started it, I didn't have enough experience sewing to actually be able to make it, so I had to take a few months off from it to learn more about what I was doing.  I ended up not liking the first bodysuit I made, so I scrapped it and started over completely new, using different materials and different methods.  I'm very happy I did because the second bodysuit turned out much better!  All the armor/gold pieces/most of the jewelry is made with either Worbla and craft foam or just Worbla.  I used magnets to attach the mask onto the hat and magnets also hold the gold pieces to the hat so that I could take it all apart to prime and paint. Magnets also keep the hip plate and belts on my body, the cape attached to the shoulder piece, and I used a very small magnet as a clasp for the choker around my neck.  The chest piece, skirt, crescent moon, and shoulder piece are held onto the bodysuit with industrial strength velcro.  I cast all the gems with resin and painted their backs with nail polish.  The eyes on my mask have LEDs installed so that they glow red when they are turned on.  The base of the hat is carved expanding foam with a fabric covering.  A magnet also keeps the hat from falling off my head.  And lastly, I used ostrich feathers for the shoulder piece and rooster feathers for the neckpiece.  
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Oh, good gods, the details. ♥♥♥ Thanks for the detailed description, too! 

Magnets and industrial strength velcro were very smart choices! I'd love to see a gif of the mask glowing, haha. And ooh, I should try painting resin gems with nail polish. I'd imagine it's more affordable/versatile than investing in resin dye.