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This was meant to be a tribute to the Xiao Xiao series but once I got into it, I was like "I feel like making this longer!" It still is a Xiao Xiao Tribute, just in an extent. Hope you enjoy this accidental piece :D. Credits are on the second half of "SHOCK"
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Awesome. The black stick figures are like the statues.
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what was this animated in
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if only martial arts could go that far in real life
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This animation changed my life
Thank you:)
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Terkoiz!!! WHY U NO MAKE SHOCK 3!!!!!
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Shock 3 is already out for 2 years... There's even a spin-off sequel to Shock 3 already made by DavidBorja called 'Shock More'
AdriantheNinja's avatar
Haha oops I meant the shock after Geo's animation.
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Shock is SO awesome.
The 3 of them, I just can never get tired of it *-*
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Just my favorite animation !! :D
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Epic!!!!......One of the best in animation history
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how did you make that moving camera effects..??
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O__O I just jizzed...from my nose.
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this is tollay epic
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Very awesome animation!
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