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fiction is just an unreal fact
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[TF] Sona Ring: Sky Shaymin [1] [Commission] by MagicalTF [TF] Sona Ring: Sky Shaymin [1] [Commission] :iconmagicaltf:MagicalTF 22 8 [TF] Sona Ring: Sky Shaymin [2] [Commission] by MagicalTF [TF] Sona Ring: Sky Shaymin [2] [Commission] :iconmagicaltf:MagicalTF 25 16
Wave: Epidemic (25)
Part 4.5: The Champions
Chapter 25: Chemicals and Memories

Zat ch ra
I wasn't allowed to be Zatch. The new world order made sure that, so long as I lived and fought, I would fight the battle a different character every game, every round. I was a catalyst for change, someone who only held onto an identity that was fruitless, stifled with rigor and struggle, and, no matter how cute or pretty an imagination made me, I was few notches short of splintered. My spirit didn't let me collapse. My mind didn't let me rest. My body kept unfolding. The creases in the my paper-thin skin flattened, before I became reconfigured, shaped into a different breed of origami, erased, recolored. Why'd that have to keep happening across the human world? It was because of Laza, someone who called me his sister now. He didn't define the term. What did being his sister mean for me? Did that mean that he was my brother? I only had one brother, and never would I have another, but never would I have a
:iconc-mnesia:C-Mnesia 6 3
-AT- Aroccon 2 by Luphin -AT- Aroccon 2 :iconluphin:Luphin 77 15 Tail concerto solatorobo by CTiahao Tail concerto solatorobo :iconctiahao:CTiahao 72 13 Solatorobo Battle Royale by bittenhard Solatorobo Battle Royale :iconbittenhard:bittenhard 533 39 Window by Rosuuri Window :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 3,883 137 Animate it Again#1 (2008 / 2015) by RJAce1014 Animate it Again#1 (2008 / 2015) :iconrjace1014:RJAce1014 399 57 Elh Melizee Animation by asdfg21 Elh Melizee Animation :iconasdfg21:asdfg21 221 28 Fox Cake Topper by DragonsAndBeasties Fox Cake Topper :icondragonsandbeasties:DragonsAndBeasties 3,890 217
Wave: Epidemic (24-Ex Sylveon TF TG)
Part 4.5: The Champions
Chapter 24: Duality

Dear Diary,
Hi there! My name's Molly! Since this is the first time I'm writing in you, I want to introduce myself! Well, now I gotta give ya a better name than Diary, huh?! Got iiiiit. What about uuuuuuuh...
Anyway, I'm totally soooo so weirded out by my cousin living with us. He's a... he's a girl! He looks like a girl, talks like a girl, and I think thinks like a girl more than I do. I wonder if he has a diary. I'm like really tempted to find it, but that's an awful thing to do, no matter how strange he is.
I went over Zelda's house today and she was playing Pokémon. Who's Zelda? She's my BFFF. That's short for best fuh-reaking friend forever. My cousin had to babysit us for some reason though. Everyone else was doing something. I think her brothers were on a road trip because of this big DJ-music-or-whatever thingy. Her parents weren't there either. After she stopped playing Pokémon (finally) we watched My Little Po
:iconc-mnesia:C-Mnesia 10 4
Sock Dragon Couple by SmallSpiritGraphics Sock Dragon Couple :iconsmallspiritgraphics:SmallSpiritGraphics 23 22
Wave: Epidemic (23, B)
Part 4: The Prisoners
Chapter 23: Communion
Episode TWO: Praetorian

ACT Δ - Praetorian

Not I.

Blaring. My ears were stinging.
Metal was moving. I was on the floor. I opened my eyes. The world was blue and horrible, the scent of chemicals flooding my nose and mouth. I remembered.
“Nikki?!” she screamed, standing right beside me.
Her screams weren't as bad as the blaring noise from above. Oh, yeah, the door. The door was opening. I was in the facility beneath the earth, that Deep Meadow, the excavated caverns, and there was that big steel door with the teeth. It was opening. Every time it opened, the world got so much louder.
A palm flat against the ground, so much colder and harder than the sand of the shore. My palm had sprouted fingers, those of which I owned in the place above, the place nowhere, the meteorite. I was a siren in this world, too. When did I change? I entered as a cinccino, but now I had a different
:iconc-mnesia:C-Mnesia 5 5
Wave: Epidemic (23, A, Cinccino Anthro TF)
Part 4: The Prisoners
Chapter 23: Communion
Episode ONE: The Best of Both Worlds

ACT 1 – Of Light
Who is... Arcadia?
I was before a lady in the sand, a lady shimmering in front of waves, sun sparkling over the dusk waters, a beam of white lain across the ocean. There was beach behind me, and beach in front of me, but it only went as far as that. There was no divide between dirt and sand or grass and sand. The sand came up to a hill and then dropped off into nowhere. Where exactly that nowhere was I couldn't see. I was still laying down, but the thought of sand hopping into my fur like fleas was enough to get me to spring upward, seated, tail in my lap. My body was shaped differently. I had more leg, more arm. Fingers again, pointed tips, toeless feet, but with legs attached. The legs were like the lady's, the arms the same, but less ornate, lacking those blue gloves. My ears felt a touch taller, my fluff puffier, tufts longer to scale with my
:iconc-mnesia:C-Mnesia 5 2
The Spyro Comics by Seeraphine The Spyro Comics :iconseeraphine:Seeraphine 581 134 Fiora Tangled by Seeraphine Fiora Tangled :iconseeraphine:Seeraphine 14 10



Sara-sf vs. Yosa
After seeing a few by Helios-Jinn I thought I’d try my hand. Street fight win screen for Sara.
228 deviations

The Reason

  For all those interested in role play or just curious on how this story is playing out this is to keep track of the mayor events that take place in the story and will be updated as time goes on. Hope to tell some stories with you all soon.

AU Timeline

- The Grey rouges enter a loose alliance as suppliers for the Rebels. Skirmishes between them and the empire happen occasionally. While Starkiller is sent on missions to hunt Jedi and potential force users while subduing the rebellion.

- Skylar and Luke skywalker are sent to find Kota to recruite him to the dark side, Skylar builds feelings for Kota, while chasing him, and Luke is convinced to turn back to the light after multiple encounters with Kota and co. and goes to convine with Yoda  on Degobah while Skylar goes AWOL and becomes a rouge enters a loose alliance with Kota.

- Kota meets a mandolorian Jedi who connection to the force allows him to to turn into a Loth Wolf, much is still unknown about this Jedi.

- Kota and Skylar were captured by Starkiller and Hawk. Kota was tortured by the two of them to get him to turn to the dark side. He nearly destroyed the ship around them when they pushed him too far, and Skylar was the only one to snap him out of his daze. Hawk came to Kota and Skylar offering to team up with them to take out the emperor. When they did, Starkiller stabbed them in the back by throwing Kota out the window into space. Nearly killing him. Starkiller assumed the throne. And now, there's a wedge between Hawk and Skylar now.

- Emperor assumed dead by the galaxy. But actually is still active somewhere somehow.

- After a encounter with a recreated version of the Rakgoughl plague, Kota with the Help of Terio and his teammate Luna of the Grey Rouges help Kota gain the “dark” side abilitiy of abnormal healing, or force heal to help cure some of the soilders before they changed. Splinter group of Empire also encountered. 


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"Trae" Charlie Giggers
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I'm really intrested in a lot different types of art, and I am a really big sonic the hedgehog fan. Being here on deviant art Surrounded by artist who have a passion with their talents and who are getting better with each picture inspires me to try harder as a artist myself. I know I have a long way to go before I can be considered One of the best but as with life I not going to give up.

So with out further adu "Lets do it to it"!!

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