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fiction is just an unreal fact
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TFU Chapter 12
TF University Chapter 12: High Tension
                Vic sat at the counter working quickly through his studies, which seemed far too easy at this point. Nothing was out of the ordinary, nothing unexpected, just the same work for what seemed like the 10,000th time. That is until the door burst open and Thomas and Ricky rushed in and quickly shut the door behind them. “I don’t think he saw us…” Thomas remarked and he held the door shut. “Why yes Thomas, please have someone over, let me get them a drink, can I make you some tea, or maybe something to eat?” Vic asked sarcastically. “DAMN IT VIC, SHUT UP!” Thomas shouted still clearly shaken. However Vic didn’t seem angry at the outburst, even for Thomas that was going a bit far and he was curious as to what was going on. “Thomas, what happened, what’s wrong?” Vic asked. “Yeah, I’v
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TF High 52
TF High Chapter 52: The New Normal
                The Hyata family looked over their work. The restaurant was finally looking ready to open, it had been a long journey but finally they had made it. “I really hope this works…We’ll barely be able to afford our first set of bills.” Mrs. Hyata remarked. “We’ll get by, We both knew the risks when we left Japan, and when we invested so much into this place. We’ll keep working until we make it work.” Mr. Hyata replied. “You two worry too much.” The couple’s son, Hiro, stated as his finished hanging a sign. “Trust me, I wouldn’t have suggested this if I wasn’t sure it was going to work. When have I ever let you down?” Hiro asked with a big smile. “It’s true, it was a clever idea to corner the Sushi market here in the valley…with so many transformees craving fish
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My Special Sister part 11
My Special Sister (part 11)
Nick spent most of Saturday night working on the presentation. There wasn’t any point to hide it anymore, so he asked her mother for Dr. Cleos and Sunjit’s number, and gathering courage to ask them questions. By Sunday morning, he received some files from doctors to work into the project.
Janice took the revelation in not so light terms; she refused to answer Nick’s texts all evening. It wasn’t until the next day when she replied.
"I just don’t like to be lied to. That could’ve made our work much easier."
"I know, I’m sorry" Nick answered the morning after. It was the best he could say.
Having received the mail from Dr’s Cleos and Sunjit, he began to browse them for anything relevant, then pick the good pieces to add to the presentation. He wasn’t a skilled writer, but did his best.
Enslaved to the monitor of his computer, doing the work that was supposed to be done as a group, and annoyed all
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Copic Falco by herms85 Copic Falco :iconherms85:herms85 483 22
TF High 51
TF High Chapter 51: Back to Normality.
                Lucy slowly opened her eyes and let out a yawn before stretching out on her seemingly massive bed. “Got to love being able to shape shift. My bed feels like a whole room when I’m a cat.” She thought aloud before changing back into her normal human form, save for her tail which stuck out from the back of her pajama pants. Walking over to her drawers Lucy pulled out her clothes for today and noticed the absence of Her pet cat, Lexi. “Never here in the morning…how do you even get out? Do you shut the door behind you or something?” Lucy chuckled at the thought of Lexi having such manners before shutting her drawer with her tail and getting dressed.
                Before leaving her room Lucy remembered her tail and quickly put it away. Heading downstai
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TFU Chapter 11
TF University Chapter 11:  New Arrivals and Old Faces
                Nelly and Brandi waited anxiously, despite it only being a little less than a month since they were home it felt like an eternity since they had been with family. “I really hope it doesn’t take much longer, we won’t have time to help him move in if he doesn’t get here soon.” Brandi remarked looking down at her watch. “Does Max even have enough to count as him moving in?” Nelly laughed. “I guess not.” Brandi replied. The two continued to chat for a short time before Nelly’s ears perked up and turned toward the road. “Is that…what I think it is?” She asked. Brandi looked down the road and spotted a familiar form riding down the road on a black Indian motorcycle. Brandi’s jaw dropped as her adopted brother pulled up on his bike and parked in front of the two.
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Wave: Epidemic (52, A)
Part 7(Pandemic Path): The Grove
Chapter 52: Crossfire


Orion Avenue

The scorched asphalt was cold beneath my furred feet, made more so by the impact of a short fall. Having taken a hop back, I checked for Cadi, head high. She was mounted on an overturned vehicle some yards away. I looked on ahead at my adversary. Dented baseball bat in my right hand, I forced the strap of my backpack through my free arm, tossed the bat over to that hand, and loosed the other strap, throwing my right arm aside. In doing so, the backpack went flying, thumping against the wet ground, rolling over its straps.
The bat was too heavy to swing around one-handed. It was a marvel its tiny owner could even carry it, but all she had to do was tote it around and fly out of trouble if it ever found her. I'll have gathered she didn't mess with the baddies out in the car-wrecked, hellhole streets Autumnridge had become, that timeless sun casting its
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PL: Death game by RusCSI PL: Death game :iconruscsi:RusCSI 388 77 Future Blaze - Last Sunchild by MephistaTheDark Future Blaze - Last Sunchild :iconmephistathedark:MephistaTheDark 14 10 Battle bandits by GlassesGator Battle bandits :iconglassesgator:GlassesGator 78 3



ZP- Akua Kori ref
Bullet; Orange Name: Akua Kori

Bullet; Orange Nicknames: Aqua, Ice blade

Bullet; Orange Age: 26

Bullet; Orange Job: GG Polar Beetle, captain of the Elementals

Bullet; Orange Personality: A extremely bright kid, and energetic but at the same time he has the sense of maturity and judgement that makes him an ideal leader. He likes hanging around family and friends and can definitely be seen as a social one, he's respectable when it comes to authority but he has no problem questioning it as well, not backing down unless someone gives him a good reason to do so. He also likes to take time and appreciate the world around him finding a spiritual balance within himself before taking on any serious challenge. 

Bullet; Orange Backstory: Akua was born in Japan, his life at a shrine not far from the main city of Hong Kong. He trained in kendo, and some basic tai chi and karate styles as he went to school then found his calling for the military. throughout his life he had got along with many he came in contact with, however when entering in the service his training exposed him to how harsh some could be.

Assigned to a squad meant to suppress infected individuals he saw how many of his comrades took joy in killing them many of them innocent repeatedly he tried to get through to his captain, however nothing ever got through and his squad earned quite the rep. One day though on another infected raid his crew was ambushed by infected out for revenge while Akua was able to defend himself his captain was not and was killed in battle. Akua in armor went after the suspected leader of the attack and subdued him and holding him hostage talked the attackers down, letting them know that he wanted no part of this continued bloodshed. Many still put blame on him since he wasn't able to stop the captain but the leader heard the truth in his voice and had seen for himself the limits the boy was willing to go to to stop the now deceased officer. 

The leader of the infected ending up turning himself in order to protect his people and was sentenced to experimentation and if he survived life among the Tamed. Akua never saw him again and was made captain of the squad changed in his view of how he saw authority and how to wield it. A few years later He received transfer orders to participate in a new program that he matched for in Neo city. He was wary but accepted as he saw little reason to refuse, and left Japan to become a Polar Beetle unit.

Bullet; Yellow bonus

Bullet; Yellow He is a little concerned about his team but handles them pretty well. 

Bullet; Yellow His name means aqua in Japanese
ZP- Michal Phyan ref
Bullet; Orange Name: Michal Phyan

Bullet; Orange Nicknames: calm flame

Bullet; Orange Age: 31

Bullet; Orange Job: GG tourchbug

Bullet; Orange Personality:Stoic. That's the one word needed to describe him. Other than that he's a soldier through and through he never questions orders and is a by the book type of guy, following protocol by the book. The only time he doesn't is in battle as fighting does not play by the rules. When dealing with people he tends not to talk unless it's important and can be found reading a book or lounging around when nothing is going on that needs his attention.

Bullet; Orange Backstory: He was a pretty inquisitive kid when he was growing up, always in a library. He used to get picked on in school to butt was someone who never fought back, he was no ones slave though he knew how to run and not take to much punishment, but no one was there to help him either, for many of his school years he delt with them and it drained him making him numb to it all. He new he would have to face his oppressors and faced them. It was the usual gang of bullies and cowards. however he had been beat and punched enough to know who to react to first. his face was blank when they all came at him. A few moments later they were all on the ground having tired themselves out and the funny thing was Michal had not thrown a single attack against them and walked away.

fast forward to his twenties he was a data analysts in the GG, having applied. Though many people wanted him for there squad for his amazing performance record of physical and mental aptitude he had no interest in combat. However when the GG started looking for pilots for the new Torchbug program he had met all the requirements and even surpassed them. He actually was unsure about the prospect but with how insistent the GG were to him he felt it wrong to say no for multiple reasons. 

He is currently part of a three man team consisting of Philip T., Akua, and himself, known as the elementals.

ZP- Philip Tintreach ref
Bullet; Orange Name: Philip Tintreach

Bullet; Orange Nicknames: Shocker

Bullet; Orange Age: 33

Bullet; Orange Job: GG Sparkfly

Bullet; Orange Personality: A daredevil Junky and a maniac. If you try to get in a conversation with him you probably wont get very far without getting yelled, or laughed at. He likes messing with people and making them feel uncomfortble, but a quick death stare or a wack on the head from a superior gets him quite quick. He never much cares for athourity but he dislikes prison more so he never goes to far out of line. He's also has decent battle prowess allowing him to get the jump on a number of enemies before they even see him coming and is no stanger to a fight.

Bullet; Orange Backstory: In his younger years Philip was a thrill seaker doing seemingly impossible stunts that usally put others and himself at risk. His last big stunt cost him though; wing gliding through the bridge ways in Neo city while throwing high powered fire crackers. When a well placed shot clipped his wings he was brought in under charges of wreckless endagerment. However on his spyche evaluation they found he was a perfect match for the Sparkfly program, and threatened him with a life sentence unless he joined up.

At first he tried to call their bluff but after a few convincing words from one of there specialist, a bunnete ninja, he saw that they were very capable of keeping him locked deep down in a hole. After moths of training he was brought into the program of the sparkflies became very skilled with the suit and became good at using the lightning in close combat.

Salfina regretbly saw him a the better option of a sparkfly in her unit, however he didn't directly accept but he liked the girls attitude and helps he out when he feels like it or if he gets bored which is most of the time.

Bullet; Yellow bonus

Bullet; Yellow His last name means Lightning in Irish.

Bullet; Yellow He likes to use melee attack with his suit a lot of times, and pushing the suit to its limits

Bullet; Yellow as He's been banned from his former crazy stunts he gets his thrill at taking on more and more powerfull infected.



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I'm really intrested in a lot different types of art, and I am a really big sonic the hedgehog fan. Being here on deviant art Surrounded by artist who have a passion with their talents and who are getting better with each picture inspires me to try harder as a artist myself. I know I have a long way to go before I can be considered One of the best but as with life I not going to give up.

So with out further adu "Lets do it to it"!!

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