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Win7 Library Icon Template 1.2

Help support me! >>DOWNLOAD HERE<<

Now includes different icon sizes template in PSD & PNG format, includes an example downloads library icon, and improved the glass plate to resemble the original Win7 icons a bit better. See the text file included in the archive for more changes.

I also recommended the free software IcoFX for icon compiling and saving .ico icon files.
IcoFX - The Free Icon Editor

Well so I finally decided to upgrade to Windows 7 and definitely don't regret it! The new libraries feature especially caught my attention because I have a bad habit of spreading files all over the place lol. But after searching long and hard for a way to make custom library icons for all my libraries, I couldn't a find single lead. So I did what any good designer would do and buckled down and made my own! And decided to share it with the wonderful deviantART community! It's by no means perfect but it should work as a fairly realistic recreation of the default icons. So enjoy it, I hope people find it useful! I won't ask for you to *favorite but please consider it if you find it useful! Thanks! Below is a brief features list:

*Incredibly similar to actual library icons in Windows 7. Shouldn't stand out awkwardly amongst other icons.

*Edges Outline guide layer to aid setting up proper icon perspective.

*Created in CS4 but backwards compatible with almost all versions of Photoshop.

*Pre-Rendered PNGs with Alpha for those without photoshop, those who prefer another program, or those that aren't able to use the PSD.

*Mostly vector-based for easy resizing and scaling without affecting quality.

*Doesn't have to be used in just Windows 7.

If you make any icons with this template, all I ask is that you give credit where credit is due, and that you send me a link to any icons you made. If you would like include any icons made with this template in an icon pack, please contact me first. If you'd like to post icons made with the template on a site other than dA, also please contact me first. Thanks again and I hope you find this template useful! Enjoy!

How to change Windows 7 Library Icons

Help support me! >>DOWNLOAD HERE<<
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Great stuff.  What kind of license do you offer these under?  I would like to use them in a javascript/css project that I'm working on.

UPDATE: Sorry just saw it embedded in the image above: CC

When I download I'm only getting the psds for the "download" icon only.  Is there a download that has all the icons listed?
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problems with (for me)
Thanks for this!!!
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Just so you know, sucks and isn't sending me to a download, just their site's front page.
I use Gimp to make and edit icons but I can't open the psd file of the template* and there is only one png file and it's 1024X422 instead of three png files in 256X256 48X48 and 32X32.
Can you please upload the blank template as ether as an .ico or png in 256X256 48X48 and 32X32.

*I think proprietary file formats should be illegal.
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Paint.NET with the PSD file filter is your friend.
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I want the Windows 8 Original Icons
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The base seems a little thin compared to the other library icons. Still great, but it bugs me.
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gracias ¡¡¡¡¡
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thanks for sharing
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很好 很强大!
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Hi i have used your template u can see my modifications in my gallery. Thanks for the awesome work!!!
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Hi there, I have featured your work here [link]

:) :handshake:
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Thanks I was looking to make same of them
but I didn't know how, so TY
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Is it ok to post it on a site with free PSD files? I will place a link back to this listing.
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