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Mature Content

Sisters of the Dark Side by Teri-Minx

Art by the artistic genius known as :iconexgemini:

Text by :iconteri-minx:

Darth Sadis is property of :iconsoviet-superwoman: and appears with permission

Heat!  Unrelenting heat and oppressive humidity.  Maia reached out, drawing strength and energy from the Force to replenish her depleted reserves.  As she opened her awareness the Sith Lord marveled at how powerful the Dark Side was here.  The nearby temple ruins, dedicated centuries ago to the Sith religion blazed with the power of the Dark Side in her mind’ eye.  As the Force flowed through her body, the weariness and fatigue from the past five hours began to slip away.  

Hours of combat training were hard enough.  But in the wet tropical atmosphere of the planet Muttaluz, rigorous physical activity was downright torturous.  Maia had insisted she and her apprentice practice in the nude, depriving them of any protection against the hostile environment.  On the remote Outer Rim planet, the animal life was universally hostile.  The flora wasn’t any better.  What plant life wasn’t poisonous was either caustic or allergenic.  Yet for all its dangers, Muttaluz had a strange attraction for the Sith Lord.

It was here as a padawan that she and her Jedi Master had discovered the ruins of the Sith temple.  It was here they had found a set of hidden Sith holocrons.  The same holocrons she stole back from the Jedi Library after she killed her former master after he betrayed her love.  It was those holocrons she studied in secret; not telling her new Sith Master she had them.  The knowledge and insight Maia had gained from them allowed her to discover her Sith Master’s treachery.  While trying to limit her training Darth Nefario was secretly grooming her; preparing to transplant his spirit from his failing body into hers.   It was the training and powers over the Dark Side she had gained from the ancient Sith depositories that allowed her to throw off Nefario’s mental shackles and defeat him in combat.  Taking the name Darth Fury, Maia had set out on her own. Using the holocrons to increase her Dark Side powers, she began to build an empire of her own from the ashes of Darth Nefario’s organization.

In her travels to the far Outer Rim, Maia had found the remote planet where her apprentice hailed from.  Sensing the woman’s strong connection to the Dark Side and being impressed with her natural combat abilities, Maia offered to train the feral female in the ways of the Sith.  Becoming Maia’s trainee, the newly inducted Sith Warrior had proven herself a loyal and extremely capable minion.  As her Apprentice’s abilities and skills grew over time, Darth Fury brought her to Muttaluz for advanced training.  The hostile unforgiving environment was a test for both Mistress and Apprentice alike.    So far, the planet hadn’t caused anything the medical droid back on Maia’s Fury Class starship couldn’t repair.    The planet was a mix of fetid swamps and sweltering jungle.  Sweat ran of the pair’s bodies in copious rivulets as they both rested after their last training exercise.

“You did well, Sadis .  Troxala the Hutt was most pleased that you stopped the Jedi investigating his business interests. <  Darth Olga > And delivering the Jedi Padawan to him alive was a stroke of genius.  To have a Jedi as one of his pleasure slaves will elevate his standing in the Hutt Council immeasurably.  He will become a powerful and important ally for us in the future.  You have done well indeed,” Darth Fury complimented the sweating Apprentice kneeling at her feet.  

“Thank you Missstresss.  I live to ssserve you and the Sssith order,” the crouching warrior replied in her sibilant accent.  “The Mirialan Padawan wass a ssexy sslut.  Will the Hutt let uss play with her?”

Maia laughed at her apprentice’s eagerness.  “Yes, he promised to let us sample her talents once her reeducation and conditioning is complete.  The Hutts’ training methods are most effective, if a little brutal.  It will be interesting to see how long it will take to break the Jedi whore and make her embrace her new life as a tail-riding Hutt slut?”  Maia said, her glowing eyes sparkling at the erotic possibilities.

Her Apprentice smiled up from her crouched position.  Her sensitivity to the Force let her sense the sexual direction of her Mistress’s thoughts. Hugging Maia’s sweat-slick thigh, she ran her long tongue up Maia’s inner thigh.  The serpent-like tongue left a trail of glistening saliva on the Sith Lord’s sweaty skin.  “Ssso what is next, Missstresss?  More training?” she asked hopefully.

Maia smiled at her student’s eagerness.  “Are you that excited to fight your way through another gundark nest naked?”

The kneeling Apprentice looked up at her Mistress with the same expression as a nexu eyeing a bird nest.  “Well, there isss training, and then there iss training,” she said, slowly licking higher up Maia’s thigh.

Maia chuckled as she ran her fingers through her student’s spiky black hair.  “Well, I suppose you do deserve a reward for your good work on the Klatooinian space station,” she offered as she spread her thighs farther apart.
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Aravah Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2016
Oh, my. More of this encounter please!
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Classic Cool and beautiful artwork 
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Thank you very much.
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Learning first part of old Sith credo :)
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Training where to eat
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Best place in town to get a piece of pie  :P
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The things that happens on those humid tropical planets ... :faint:
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Gorgeous piece cool story
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