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Practice Makes Perfect
By Teri-Minx   |   Watch
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Mature  |  Published: June 22, 2010
© 2010 - 2019 Teri-Minx
This story takes place in the Angel Falls setting :iconangel-fallsda:

This lovely render was done by the awesomely talented artist :iconexgemini: Check out his account for more fantastic art. You won't be sorry. So go there.. NOW! What are you waiting for! :D

Soviet Superwoman is property of :iconsoviet-superwoman: and is used with permission.

Warning, this story contains some explicit erotic content. If this type of material offends you, read no further. You have been warned.


Olga squirmed, her buttocks rubbing against Maia’s abs as she got more comfortable. Sitting atop her supine lover, Olga looked down into Maia’s sparkling green eyes. “You are ready to show your Mistress how much you have learned?” she asked as she licked her finger, letting Maia know how she was expected to please her Russian lover this time. She reached behind her, between Maia’s thighs and pushed the toy into her partner’s sex and twisted the control to activate it.

Maia gasped sharply as the powerful vibrations erupted inside her. It was all she could do to keep from bucking Olga off her tummy. She kicked one leg into the air as she shuddered from the sensations assaulting her senses. Maia didn’t know where Olga had found the special sex toys, the ones that were capable of withstanding the rigors of super-powered sex. At least for a time or two before they were crushed, bent, or burnt out. What she did know is how good it felt and how skillfully Olga used them.

Her thoughts were interrupted as Olga traced Maia’s lips with her saliva-slick finger. “Now my sweet lover, we will see how many orgasms you can give me in the next hour. If I think you have performed well enough I will let you cum once yourself. But you must promise to try very very hard to please me, understand?” Olga smiled as she reached back, pinching her lover’s clit firmly to stop the redhead’s imminent orgasm.

Maia shuddered, her climax ruined for the moment. She knew Olga would deny her release until the Russian felt she had earned it, or took pity on her lover and let her cum. While Maia was relatively inexperienced in lesbian lovemaking, Olga was just the opposite. She knew just how to play Maia’s responsive body like a musical instrument. The Russian raised her hips and scooted forward, lowering her sex onto Maia’s eager mouth, squeezing her lover’s face between the vee of her upper thighs. She leaned back, moaning softly as she felt Maia begin to kiss and lick. The American heroine had never had a female lover before Olga, thinking of herself as being strictly heterosexual. But since falling in love with her Russian counterpart and starting an intimate physical relationship, Maia had become an eager student to Olga’s Sapphic teachings. It was those lessons that she used to now to make Olga pant and moan with pleasure.

The muscular soviet superwoman was soon climbing towards the summit of her own pleasure, her juices coating the mouth and chin of her lover as she pressed against Maia’s hungry mouth. It was all she could do to remember to keep Maia hanging at the edge of her own climax and Olga’s orgasms built and exploded in an ever increasing cycle. The dark haired Slavic beauty kept one hand on the toy humming and chattering away between Maia’s legs, steadily fucking her lover into a state of fevered desperation for the release of orgasm. Olga knew Maia would soon be begging her to be allowed to cum, even as she obediently tried to hold off her climax until Olga allowed it. The Russian loved watching when Maia was finally allowed to cum, the orgasms so powerful and soul shaking they left the red haired amazon too weak to stand on her own. Holding Maia in her arms when she was weak as a kitten thrilled Olga to her core, as she savored the closeness of their lovemaking.
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Two perfect females....what a way to finish a friendly struggle .
SnowboarderForLife's avatar
...I just came a bit LOL
hqadd's avatar
:onfire:Getting back to this masterpiece, and wondering if there will be a Honeymoon 3 like this...:drool:
Teri-Minx's avatar
Yes, but some of the honeymoon pics can't be posted here, lol.
drewhadou's avatar
they're big...i might get hurt playing around in there. LoL
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Ok, the pic says it all, but the storyline is just pure eroticness at it's best!!
Umm.. Cold Shower:sprint:
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Thanks, I am glad you liked it. :D
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WilkyDaddyHobbyist Traditional Artist
:0 strong and sexy girls
amb3's avatar
damn, awesome pic.!! the women are very sexy, w/great detail and posing!!

overall, it's good!!
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Beautiful picture, but the story is so erotic, it should be regulated. :onfire: :D
Teri-Minx's avatar
thank you, I am glad you liked it.
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¡OMG! I don't wanna sound pervert, but this pic makes me.......¡GULP!.....makes me.....¡OMG!....m-m-makes m.......... ¡Excuse me, i have to go!......¡GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Teri-Minx's avatar
LOL... glad it was "appreciated". :D
HellJumperGrif's avatar
Nice. although they say practice makes perfect... then they tell you no one is perfect so I stopped practicing ;)

Necrella's avatar
Speechless just speechless. Simply superb.
Teri-Minx's avatar
Thanks, ExGemini does some fantastic work. Thanks for looking!
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PaudraicHobbyist General Artist
Mopping brow and guzzling root beer.
Teri-Minx's avatar
Hehe, I hope that means you like it.
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