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Stars In The Desert

By TerenryRM
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Art Trade with elmoooooo elmira503  uwu
i,, i tried to draw desert for the first time, yay xD
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It would be cool if this was a speedpaint :0 100% would watch it as soon as I see it exists
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I love the details!!! This is amazing!!!

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Thank you !! ^^

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Do you do art trades with other people or just friends? If you do art trades with other people can we do one? Also it’s very beautiful! ^^
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my art trades are closed! I'm only accepting trades with friends/mutuals for now, I'm not taking much art trades anymore :S

and thanks!!

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Alright, and your welcome!
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This is absolutely breathtaking, I love it! Mind if I offer some critique?

As much as I love your backgrounds, I feel like there isn't much variety in colour and values. For example, there is no difference in colour from the objects in the front to the objects in the back (Not counting the the sky, just the orange parts). When looking at real-life landscapes, most objects farther away from the background are less saturated/similar colour as the sky.

One thing I immediately noticed when I saw this is that the character doesn't stand out at all? On instagram you posted each stage of the drawing, and I like liked it at the "details" stage more than the "final" because I could more clearly see the character. I think you just need to lower the the overlay a bit, or add a different coloured reflection light.

Hope this helped, feel free to ignore it if it didn't xp

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Thank you so much!!

yeah it's possible I might have messed up a bit with the layer effects and the colors turned too similar

someone already pointed out about the character visibility as well, I must improve on that :S

still thanks, that will be sure helpful for the future ^^

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Glad that helped! :D

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Omg this is amazing ;;www;;;

Can I get some advice on fur? And when I say that, I mean sometimes u add some really nice fur like this fantastic drawing you made-


and also, just a simple question, but what exactly made you improve so much on backgrounds, and how did you learn? if you have any videos that you think that could help please send them!! :D

But seriously, this is fantastic, you seem to never fail to impress us~

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aw thank you!! ^^

uhh I don't think I'm that good at drawing fur aa, it kinda turns out differently every time, not sure what kind of advice to give you ;;

I'd usually first add a simple shading, and then just detail over it


and I guess I just improved with practice xD all I know I learned it by myself!

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Oh alright! And that's perfectly fine it still helps out ^^

And it helps me out, no worries!! It helps me see how I should be doing my things at first, so that's still helpful!! Thank you <3

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This is really amazing art and I love it.

but can I give you a bit of critique

Toning down the filters and lighting a bit (the sky looks cool though)

Because what happens is that it makes the drawing look "too detailed". This isn't meant to sound like an insult, it makes the drawing look too intense,

Also where is the orange lighting coming from?

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Thank you!

Hmm I think I understand what you mean, it may have turned too saturated and added too much contrast in the end

I usually enjoy adding a lot of details into my art, though I don't consider this one a very detailed work

Honestly I have no idea about the orange light source, I don't work with that kind of things in my drawings?

I don't aim for a realistic and correct style, and I'm not much of a serious artist haha ^^" still the criticism is appreciated!

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Saturated and contrast are the words I was looking for :)

I like the amount of detail you put in your art it was just strange to me on how i n t e n s e it was lmao

You don't really have to aim for a realistic art style

When I first saw your art I thought it was super realistic but now when I think about it I don't really feel that way anymore

thanks for being a good sport about criticism though most artist would take it was an insult

have a nice life :3

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yeah XD

I been lately trying to experiment a bit more with my art, so getting some criticism is nice!

thank you, have a nice life as well!

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I'm looking forward to seeing your improved art! :)

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