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Haunted Place

By TerenryRM
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Haunted with friendly spirits!

My tablet pen stopped working 2 days ago for unknown reasons, I hope I can fix it soon, but that would not stop me from drawing >:0
I haven't drawn anything with mouse for sooo long, but I think this turned out pretty well!
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Wow that is amazing! You have talent! 😱

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Pretty characters!(And I really like how much you improved in backgrounds,nice job!)

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This aint haunted place

this is magical spirit place

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You did this with a mouse!?

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TerenryRM.exe had stopped working

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I see a cat with 2 tails...

Is it a nekomata? :0
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With a mouse? A computer mouse to draw this? Like, I can see some of the lines are more rigid than usual, and that architecture mainly uses straight lines, but...

*ponders about how long it took to adjust all the curve lines*
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This is done with a mouse!? wow, it looks absolutely amazing!
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sAvE mE
sO gOrgEouS
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Using a mouse? That’s incredible!
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Te sigo desde hace tiempo y me encanta tu trabajo :O Es genial en todos los sentidos, es muy detallado en la luz, la oscuridad y los colores, es genial tu trabajo! :D/
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I don't know what difference you made even when using the mouse...
This is Amazing! I just can't believe what i'm seeing! How are you so good at this???? Hhhhhhh~

* ThatElement.exe has stopped working.
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aaaa thank you!
haha yeah xD maybe not having pen pressure, but that wasn't a big deal : P
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It’s much better then anything I can draw with a mouse! Aaaaaaaaa
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Call the spiritbusters

who you gonna call

S p i r i t B u s t e r s ™
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gosh your art is just so inspiring ;; the level of detail is insane and i aspire to be as good as you are. also i love the way you draw rocks with all the patterns on them, it's super neat. i also love the contrast between the darker area on the left and light in the background on the right. amazing work!
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woah thank youu !! <3
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Your Work is just so stunning , i have a dream of becoming as good as you , and as inspiring as you are.
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Ahh thank you!!! ^^
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Good job as always :)
Lots of detail and well done
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