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ArtTrade with Fala! www.instagram.com/falatheweeb/
It was really fun to work on this piece! I tried some new stuff like designing a 3D model for the main shapes of the buildings (also cause I couldn't get the perspective right xD)

you can find the process on my instagram!
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isn’t it illegal to be this good?!my eyes are bleeding rainbow rainbow cry

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So much talent I loaf it OwO
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I stare at this instead of doing dying in maths.

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This is incredible!!! All your art is really beautiful

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the detail, the lighting, the atmosphere its all so beautiful this is amazing! everything is so pleasant. the character designs are wonderful, and the background is just absolutely amazing! well done i must say, i look forward to seeing more artwork from you, your an amazing artist!~ rainbow heart 2

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Thank you so much! ^^ <3

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I love it! Amazing as always!

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Your artwork has always been so beautiful and detailed. Words cannot describe how much I love this art trade. I guess you've kind of inspired me for digital art and animation.

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aaah thank you so much!!

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The overall atmosphere is really like the Edo period.

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yup! the scene takes place in an ancient time

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HOW!!!Just HOW?? I Love your art:love:

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Thank you! ;v;

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The details on the buildings and the ground omggg, the light coming from the building next to them just adds more attention to the details of the background and ik this might seem like a small thing but I absolutely love the night sky and trees behind all the buildings they just seem so satisfying to look at!

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Ahh thank you so much!! <3

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Heck- Always amazed by your art !

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Oh btw- I hope this is alright to ask but, what kinda brushes do you use for your shading and such ? I've been trying to get into drawing backgrounds and wanna experiment with different stuff.

If you're not comfortable with answering though that's alright !

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Ooh these are the only brushes I always use!

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