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arrested for corny on main

Rohan Kishibe

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Fun Crossovers

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Fill me with STAMPS

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Bike ride

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DJ Chibi

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for fuck sake

bunskii, I'm gonna snap. I am sick of your bullshit about wanting your oc back when you should'nt have made her in the first place. bunnycoons were closed, not for you to make one. stop harping on her about ocs please. they are hers, not yours. and stop crawling into my life again and again. after all that shit. I can't accept you, you know the amount of pain I went through? I had piles of homework for taking time off to cope with it all, and you came crawling back. toying with my emotions, conflicting whether to trust you, you talk about how suicidal you feel without me and you want me to like you , but then you were bashing yourself for doi

Sorry bruh

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Fetish artists

I just wanna say something I am sick of seeing fetish artists getting hate like "YOU'RE RUINING A FANDOM! THIS IS DISGUSTING!" "YOU"RE A DISGUSTING PEDOPHILE!" UGHUGGJ and so on! I know a lot of fetish artists who are amazingly nice and Im glad to have them as friends and im admitting Y E S I have a fetish myself? okay! go ahead and hate me I dont care but I hate that people are hurting other's feelings for liking something if someone is bashing you for not liking a fetish or drawing fetish of your character without permission then thats too far but if you're gonna assume everyone is gonna do that. then stop get to KNOW them dont b

Opinions I agree with

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corndog fingers

i hate my life stolen from rouxls (https://www.deviantart.com/rouxls) I am under 18. I am a cuddler. I am a morning person. I am an only child. I am currently in my pajamas. I am currently pregnant. (no but my sister is! >:3c) I am left handed. l am right handed. I am ambidextrous. I bite my nails. I can be paranoid at times. I enjoy folk music. I enjoy smoothies. I enjoy talking on the phone. (only w/ friends..) I have a car. I have/had a hard time paying attention at school. I have a hidden talent. I have a pet. I have a tendency to fall for the “wrong” guy/girl. I have all my grandparents. I have been to another country. I have b


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Warrior Cats 30 Day Drawing Challenge

Day 1 favorite cat Day 2 favorite leader Day 3 favorite medicine cat Day 4 favorite villain Day 5 least favorite cat Day 6 favorite ship Day 7 favorite canon pairing Day 8 least favorite ship Day 9 least favorite canon pairing Day 10 cat with the best design Day 11 cat with the worst design Day 12 cat with the most interesting life Day 13 cat with the most predictable plotline Day 14 you as a warrior cat Day 15 favorite Clan Day 16 least favorite Clan Day 17 worst leader Day 18 least favorite villain Day 19 best siblings Day 20 best sibling rivalry Day 21 least favorite leader Day 22 one of your fanclans Day 23 favorite kittypet Day 24 favori

Cool Challenges I'd love to do

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Told ya


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Gives Love

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Video 2018 Reference Sheet - Book 1 and 2

I'ma Draw these characters

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Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1]

Llama Emotes

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Knights of Cydonia

Owlcoat uwu

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Smg4 mario Nope

I love Mario k he best plumber

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Why i like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure more then DBZ

I just wanted to share with you guy's something that has been going in my head for a while, Before i get started just wanted to say..note: DBZ will always be in my top favorite animes of all time every incarnation of it DB,Z,GT,Super..i will love this series to death no matter what and it's characters. But now let's talk about an anime/manga series called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. started back in 1987 with other shonen animes such as Saint Seiya,Fist of the North Star,and of course Dragon Ball. The series itself came to be under a man named Hirohiko Araki, the series went through many changes over the years and it's still going on to this


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Lil Badge - Zodiac .:Capricorn:.

ID things

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Cell Shaded Trueno -Tofu Style

Initial D stuffu

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Volkswagen Jetta mk2

Fave Car models

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f2u base

Using this

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Aaaaaaa feels

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Painted Flowers group

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New Video! Anthro Planes and More


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adopt/design thieves

@.sparrowadopt has been stealing ocs and adoptables from vk and is posting on their account claiming all of the artwork and selling it for both points and USD they are hiding comments and blocking everyone that calls them out http://prntscr.com/gu6w6h at the time they posted this one, this design was @.cherylblackberrychan's @.gdais is also stealing adopts from vk and @.sarahostervig has made a journal abt them

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More Kitties ( CLOSED )

Adopted Characters

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I like these anyway

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JJBA-Kin friends?

HOWDY I did a list-thingy with my jjba-kin friends!! If you want to be added, please comment which characters are you (also, if they are your ID/Literally me, or Kin) These are just my friend's kintypes, my canon-mates are at the end of the list~ You don't necessary need to be "double-friendly" to appear here. You won't interact directly with the ones on my list, so, don't worry about that! JUST. DON'T. BE. RUDE. [Image credits] Also: PLEASE, DON'T ASK ME TO ADD YOU AS MY CANON-MATE. That needs time and talks.


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My fave Pokemanz

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Crash Bandicoot things ooo

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Welcome Event

Eight leaders stand on the gathering rock before their colonies. The full moon lights the landscape, dousing the landscape in a gentle light. All around the gathered cats, the tall grasses rustle in the wind. Not even kittens have missed this night; they lay huddled in awe beside their families. The sky is clear, and the stars above seem to be watching the four colonies with care. Ten years had passed since the Eight Cats battled the dark spirits and saved the lands. Words usually break up the silence before the full moon gatherings begin, but now it is completely quiet save for the sounds of night animals. The cat’s ears are pricked fo


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Killy the pony


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Some song ideas for Active's Story!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcpYKBTALKY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO_WxYC34eM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhSA9H9Iaqw Thats it so far

Old stuff I still keep

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MAP part stuffu

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Simple pleasures

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Good and gory

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My aesthetic

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