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Okay, so this was my final project for one of my ceramics classes last semester. The idea was to take three objects and sort of meld them into one.

The shark's sort of based on a black-tip reef shark, although the body shape is a bit wrong. I was pretty much just going for 'shark.' I pretty much just took a big chunk of clay and carved it down for the shark, adding bits here and there for fins and the boat and the wing and such. I wanted to make the wing a bit more feathery-looking, but I just plain ran out of time. Oh, and the tip of the left front fin broke, but I was pretty pleased all of the fins didn't just fall off during firing, so it's an acceptable loss.

It's painted with underglaze and then with a clear low-fire glaze on top of that. For the record, I don't like underglaze. If you're not absolutely meticulous about it, it comes out all patchy and weird.

In any case, it has been decided that this is definitely a boatshark, as opposed to a sharkboat.
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My question is, what would a sharkboat look like?
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I'm picturing a boat with shark fins and maybe a rather toothy mouth, but feel free to come up with your own interpretation. :)
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Obviously, your artistic talents have...jumped the shark :neom:

But seriously, this is quite beautiful and really really awesome!
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Heh, thank you. :) It was fun.
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Oh very nifty. How big is the boatshark?
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It's a foot long or so. I can't remember the exact size, I haven't actually seen it for like two months. :P
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Aww, it's cute ^^

You did a really nice job on this, very well done =]
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Thankee. :) It was fun to make.

Except the gills. The gills were freaking hard.
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Haha, well you did an awesome job on it all, including the gills lol
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