ooof guys I just realized that today marks my 10th anniversary on DA! Holy hell I cant believe it been 10 years here already, definetely need to do a special 10 year anniversary drawing, any suggestions?

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I know its a little late man, but I can believe I started seeing you in early 2011, despite I had bad times at that times, I want to go back to a more "normal" life

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Belated congratulations!

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Happy anniversary! :D Congrats!

It would be really cool to see a "where we started/where we are now" comparison, but instead of old art vs. new art seeing you draw one of the earliest reconstructions of a dinosaur (one of your favourites) vs. the most recent reconstruction. Kind of a 'look what we've learned along the way' piece to keep with the theme. ;p

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this is definetely comin, I found one of my oldest t rex reconstructions and will do a t rex over the years sort of suff

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Can't wait to see it! :heart: Stay safe!

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Perhaps the creature that is of your user-namesake?

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Congratulations try drawing all your favorite dinosaurs in one picture

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Maybe an evolution drawing of your skills with a prehistoric creature you've done in the past? Maybe that doesn't make sense

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10 years?

hot dam, hope it's been a fun decade here :D

also funny, i had my anniversary here yesterday

as for a suggestion, how about a big thank you picture, could be anything :)

Happy 10th anniversary

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All I can say is, happy 10th anniversary to you!

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