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Yutyrannus huali

Yutyrannus, the biggest featherd dinosaur found so far, is a big genus of tyrannosauroid theropod from china. It was about 9 metres long and estimated to have had a weight of 1,5- 2 tons. Yutyrannus means beautiful feathered tyrant .

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This has become one of my favorite dinos!!
If only if it actually was a carcharodontosaur like some palaeontologists suggested, because that's going to make people give feathers to carnosaurs as well.
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You only gonna draw theropods dude?
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no, but in the moment I do a tyrannosauroid project ,featuring all genus of tyrannosauroid dinosaurs found so far, thats why I am doing so many theropods at the moment. I have to do 12-14 tyrannosaurs until I have drawn every one (it depends on if I include bagaraatan ,diplotomodon and alioramus,I dont jnow if I should include these as well as 2 other tyrannosaurs that have yet to be described).
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I wouldn't include Diplotomodon...that thing is nomina dubia at its best.

Bagaraatan is probably something we already know and Alioramus is a legitimate species.
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Oh I didtn meant alioramus ,I meant aublysodon
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Aublysodon is everything!

But I'd love to see a drawing of Aublysodon. Probably looks like Appalachiosaurus.
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the problem is that I have also included deinodon already , whcih is dubious too, well I will think about it. I think I will tr alioramus next ....
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I for one, bow to our new giant feathery overlords!
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Amazing work on this! The yutyrannus is getting quite famous here on devart, and I LOVE THAT! :heart:
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Amazing! the details are just incredible
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the fuzzasaur! =D
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