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Yueosaurus tiantaiensis

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A head study of the new early ornithopod yueosaurus tintaiensis. It lived in china. It is the second one on DA after my first one and its also one of the first yueosaurus pictures on the net.
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The head of Yueosaurus is completely unknown...
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who cares, I based it one the heads of related basal ornithopods :D
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Take this as a constructive statement, and not as a disaproving one: note that I will not note what you did right with this, but only negatively, due to the idea that i wish to offer constructive criticism, and this means things that could be changed. Consider the rest fine.

1. You do not need to texture the integument differently over the holes in the skull or around the eyes: the scales should, generally, be the same as anywhere else of the skull. While occasionally there are rows of scaled that run along the skull, they do not follow the margins of fenestrae. This is true in crocs, lizards, snakes and the few body impressions of dinosaurs we have data for.

2. The external fleshy nostril should be positioned at the anterior end of the bony naris, such that it may occasionally sit in the fossa that lies outside of the body naris margins when seen in anterior view. This is based on the work of Larry Witmer who compiled evidence from mammals and reptiles and birds to show where the fleshy nostril is positioned in living animals. Dinosaurs should follow suit. This also means you cannot place the rhamphotheca abutting the nostril where you have it, but can pull it back a bit.

3. It is possible, but so far uncertain, whether ornithischians have any sort of tissue linking the upper and lower jaws where you place it; that is, they have no "cheek" as in mammals. What they might have is unknown, although as a muscular structure it may certainly seem not to be.