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Xiaotingia zhengi



Early jurassic in china: A xiaotingia zhengi mother guard over her 2 youngs in their nests in a gingko tree. Xiaotingia is a genus of small theropod. He belongs to a family with an uncertain status, called archaeopterygids. It was even older than archaeopteryx. Xiaotingia was probably able to fly or glide. It was a meat eater and probably mainly fed on insect and small lizards and mammals.
The tail was not found, so on this part you can use your imagination. So I made tail feathers that look like those of a bird that we germans call "fasan" (dont know its english name, and I am too lazy at the moment to look it up XD). Its a big bird that looks beautiful and the tail feathers look awesome on xiaotingia too. :D
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