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Utahraptor ostrommaysorum

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Utahraptor is the biggest of all dromaeosaurids.It was 6-7 metres long( some undescribed fossils may belong to an animal 11 metres long!) I took the mesurements or an animal,6 metres longs. The tail feathers werent included or the measurement, so the animal is a little bit longer ,around 6,5 to 7 metres. This would be around the actual lenth of a utahraptor.
Utahraptor lived in North Americaand was a very dangerous predator. It proabybly lived in packs and hunted even large sauropods like astrodon.Utahraptor means utah -thief and it had rather small teth with a less sharp serration on its teeth. So they were more for grabbing meat. Its oot claw on the second toe was hige,around 24cm long.
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13MATTallica96Hobbyist General Artist
This is, bar none, my favorite image of a raptor I've found anywhere. It's in line with modern scientific findings with feathers of various kinds covering the body, but it still manages to maintain that vicious therapod look to it. Far too often I see illustrations of animals that take the dinosaur/bird link a little too literally and make them look almost exactly like modern birds rather than a dinosaur with feathers, often in ways that make their anatomy unrecognizable.
I love this because it captures both the avian AND the saurian traits of the dromaeosaurs. Certifiably wicked. Well done. :)
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as much as I appreciate it, thsi reconstruction is heavily outdated and doesnt look anything like the real animal would have looked. Heres my latest reconstruction of utahraptorteratophoneus.deviantart.com/a…, according to what we know today about it
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MistingWolfHobbyist General Artist
My favorite raptor. :D
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UtahRaptor was indeed, the baddest of the bad!

It could reach a height of 'four' meters and a length of 'seven' meters. They were the largest and most intelligent of all the Dromaeosauridaes. In my professional opinion (due to their large size and that they hunted in packs) aside from the arrival of humans - Utahraptors were 'pound for pound' the most dangerous terrestrial apex predator of all time!

You would not want to face down one of those.
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dont miss my latest utahraptor, it will come out either today or tomorrow, it will be in colour and a lot more accurate than this one (also more threatening looking :D)
And yes, I wouldnt wanna meet one in a  dark alley :D
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EliTheDinoGuyStudent General Artist
Your picture's used in this news article, that's pretty cool! m.ksl.com/index/story/sid/3234…
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Aye. 36 - 38 feet is a pretty big length for this raptor with 5x the smarts of an elephant. weights for adults of the lengths mentioned range from ¾ to 1¼ tonnes - slightly lighter than a Masai giraffe
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grroselliHobbyist General Artist
that's one big bird!
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The most Vulnerable moment in a human's life: After Happy Hour.
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Imagine they show some of these guys in the fourth Jurassic Park film.
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SaberrexHobbyist General Artist
what's really scary is that utahraptor would pin his prey down, and eat it alive, using those claws like an eagle to impale prey to the ground.
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While it would have held its prey down with those large, sickle like claws, its unlikely that they would eat it alive. Although wounded and subdued, large prey such as 'Hadrosaurids' could still deliver for one, nasty kick from those massive hind legs. It's likely that Utahraptors hunted in prides, much like todays lion. The fastest and smallest of the pack would chase down a heard - creating confusion and panic, in order to separate the young and weak from the more aggressive animals. The largest of the pride members would wait 'in ambush' for the foolhardy and inexperienced (lets say calf) to tread its path and away from the safety of the heard. With the trap set, they would then pounce and use those sickle like claws to hold it down, while biting down on the preys muzzle, so to suffocate it. 

They wont eat it until its dead and safe to gorge.
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SaberrexHobbyist General Artist
There isn't much evidence yet for pack-hunting for Utahraptor (at last not until we know more about the find involving a Hippodraco and two or possibly even a family of Utahraptor caught in thick mud). But the RPR (Raptor-Prey-Restraint) method does fit in with the animal's morphology. Also, your theory of dromaeosaurids acting like lions really does not fit. They are not built to suffocate prey with their jaws. They do not cooperate on the same level, and younger individuals would not have behaved in such a way as to drive prey into the clutches of heavier adults. they don't wait for their prey to die before eating it. they would rip it apart while it's still alive, just like a hawk or an eagle, and Utahraptor wouldn't aim for only the throat; they rip into the guts, they bite and slash the flanks, and the tail. Any of those areas would be a crippling blow. The victim can kick and flail all it likes, but if Utahraptor (or a mated pair of Utahraptors (which likely would be monogamous like eagles are)) had a grip on it, it wasn't going anywhere. death would come slow and painful and the victim would still be alive as it was eviscerated and eaten. not pretty, not clinical, but ruthlessly efficient.   
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Strong argument, although 'modern raptors' are not true dinosaurs but a separate branch of predatory birds that had evolved from them. I'm not certain that we can compare the gulf of 65 million years between their eating habits. However, we may study the behavior of 'modern raptors' like a window to the past.

Also, it has been proven by paleontologists that Utah Raptors did indeed hunt in packs.

Thanks for your insight!
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SaberrexHobbyist General Artist
You mean the six found with the hippodraco? i read about that.
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Actually it didn't inspire the Jurassic Park raptors. Utahraptor was discovered AFTER the film was made. Deinonychus seems to be the main inspiration for the Jurassic Park raptors.
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herofan135Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So cool! Love the feathers! :D
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Svenimal Photographer
Alter Falter! Geniale Arbeit!
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stand asife velociraptors, theres a new raptor in town
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