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Utahraptor ostrommaysorum



Utahraptor is the biggest of all dromaeosaurids.It was 6-7 metres long( some undescribed fossils may belong to an animal 11 metres long!) I took the mesurements or an animal,6 metres longs. The tail feathers werent included or the measurement, so the animal is a little bit longer ,around 6,5 to 7 metres. This would be around the actual lenth of a utahraptor.
Utahraptor lived in North Americaand was a very dangerous predator. It proabybly lived in packs and hunted even large sauropods like astrodon.Utahraptor means utah -thief and it had rather small teth with a less sharp serration on its teeth. So they were more for grabbing meat. Its oot claw on the second toe was hige,around 24cm long.
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what is a "metre"