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Tyrannosaurus rex 2k21

Oh yeah guys, its time for the annual Trex reconstruction and unlike the rushed and rather disappointing 2k20 reconstruction this new one looks perfect! This time I oriented myself very closely on the new reconstruction of Sue and the accompanying lifely model of the animal. I added a lot more mass than in my previous T rex reocnstructions . Tyrannosaurus was a very heavy set animal, covered in muscles .It weighed around 9 tons , thats pretty heavy even for a large theropod! Of course I decided to draw the king of the dinosaurs in the only appropriate way, ripping sth to shreds lol, the awesomebro deep down in my heart really came out this time.

Next is a compilation of my T rex drawings over the years, including never before seen T rex drawings from the start  of when I started this whole project, we are talking about drawings made in 2005/2006

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Mar 16, 2021, 1:31:12 AM
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I think that people who think dinosaurs are only cool in stuff like Jurassic Park need to broaden their horizon.

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it's... PERFECT :O

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very nice Tyrannosaurus art

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this looks very cool

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What’s the dino that she’s eating? Doesn’t look like a herbivore but looks more like another theropod, to me

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hmm I didnt have anything in mind to be honest, just drew a carcass of something,I guess its up to your imagination what exactly it is

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Some species of Theropods are Herbivores too.
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Love to see your work. Makes the day better.

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That is definitely not a pretty face

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looks awesome :la:

Pr0teusUnbound's avatar

how i feel when i eat wings or ribs.

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lol that genuinely made me laugh, here, have an imaginery cookie :D

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i know EXACTLY what you mean, i feel the same :XD:

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