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Traukutitan eocaudata



Traukutitan eocaudata, the mountain spirit lizard, was a genus of sauropod dinosaur, possibly a lognkosaurian, a subfamily of the titanosaurids. Lognkosaurians had huge bodys, with wide ribcages and long necks. Traukutitan was aproximately 20 metres long with an estimated weight of up to 18 tons. Traukutitan was described in 2011 and only some tail vertebrae and parts of the hips were found. This is the first life reconstruction of Traukutitan eocaudata everand also the first on DA ! :D
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Interesting idea, drawing a dinosaur that's only known from a few bones... only thing is the short neck proportions, arched back, and primitive head shape make it look more like a cetiosaur than a titanosaur. I'm guessing you were probably going for a Puertasaurus-like head, but there are some crucial differences here that don't look much like my Puertasaurus or how I imagine lognkosaurs to be in general. Watch out for that over-extended quadrate bone, the position of the eye in the eye socket, and the chin shape. Those don't necessarily look very titanosaurian here. Good effort but the execution could use a little improvement. Of course I'm not saying it's "wrong" or that I'm "right", since we have no way of knowing exactly what such an incomplete creature looked like, but I would guess based on the known elements that the shape probably wasn't very different from Futalognkosaurus.