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Torvosaurus tanneri

woah, this was  a lot of fun to draw, and I have to say that I really want to pump out more coloured drawings and experiment with new skin patterns on different kinds of dinosaurs. This time it was time for another one of my favourite giant theropods, Torvosaurusone of the largest jurassic theropods. Torvosaurus has always been one of those dinosaurs that were difficult to draw for some reason. I have done quite a few torvosaurus over the years but none looked as good as this new reconstruction. Torvosaurus was a giant megalosaurid one of the largest one ,perhaps even exceeding the 10 metres given here and reaching up to 1 metres long, approaching tyrannosaurus levels in terms of length. I think that this is one of the best if not the best theropod reconstruction I have done so far, it looks balanced,(torvosaurus itself is a very elegant animal , its more lean than theropods like tyrannosaurus or giant carcharodontosaurs)accurate and the skin pattern fits perfectly on the "wild lizard".
Coloration is based on monitor lizards
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Mar 8, 2019, 3:20:46 AM
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REEE IT NEEDS FLOOF (just kidding, it's great :happybounce:
WOW! very good colors!
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Love the detail and color that want into this work
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Love this one, so cool!
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he looks like banannna hehehehehehehheheehehehehehehehegehehegehh
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Glad your drawings now have colours!
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thankyou for not feathering it up!
they look so much better this way!
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Höchst beeindruckend!! :)
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Nice details, form, and colouration in this one.
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An excellent color scheme indeed! I love those osteoderms on the back, and the protofeathers on the arms.
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Awesome coloration :)
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Hey man, awesome Torvosaurus! It's one of my fav theropods! I believe it competed with the legendary allosaurus. Oh and also I've noticed your last few drawings have been in full-on color; but if you ever decide to go back to the "un-colored" variant of your drawings, do you think you would consider doing the more 'brownish' variant? But don't take that the wrong way or anything haha, I think it looks just as cool as your 'black & white' variant.  Bahariasaurus ingens by Teratophoneus   Cymbospondylus natans by Teratophoneus
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thank you!
The brownish colouration was due to my old scanners quality. My new one renders the colours more gray , theres sadly nothing I can do about that, I also preferred the brownish colours,
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Wow that sucks. Oh well, maybe you could run your drawing through your old scanner? If that wouldn't work, (if you know the shade of brown it was) you might be able filter your drawings with that color. Kinda like Instagram filters?
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i dont have the old scanner anymore sadly. I also dont hav a brown filter on my pc.
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Hmm, that's unfortunate. Maybe you'll figure something out in the future for the return of the brown shading. Your paleoart is amazing nonetheless! :) (Smile) 
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Amazing coloration!
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As great as always!  By the way how do you create scales like that in your drawing?
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Pikachu Dinosaur!
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