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Tlatolophus galorum

Tlatolophus is a new genus of Parasaurolophine hadrosaur from Mexico! Known from an almost complete skull ,hip and tail as well as a shoulder blade, Tlatolophus was a mid sized hadrosaur. I dont know where wiki gets its 12 meter estimate from but from what I could gather the skull was around 110 cm in length which gives a total length of 8-9 metres, should my proportions be correct.
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May 26, 2021, 1:38:08 PM
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Here's one reason why we gave it a length of 40 feet, a height of 12 feet, and a weight of 12,000 pounds: hadrosaurs from Mexico tend to be bigger and stronger than those from US, China, Russia, Canada, and Mongolia. Not a bad theory, wouldn't you think?

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Is this a bad joke?

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No it is not. I was making a solid explaination.

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Then you’re either terribly misinformed or you are one lousy troll XD

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I don’t know where the 12 meters estimates came from either. The article I read about its discovery just said that hadrosaurs could reach 12 meters (obviously referring to Edmontosaurus, the Asian Saurolophus and such), and that this taxon’s tail is 5 meters and that the body itself would be just slightly longer than that, so I assumed it was around 10.5 meters long? Thanks for finally providing some actual estimates.

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Awesome Tlastolophus

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Impressive critter!

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Blueberry mousse cake lookin grape juice lookin dino

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