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Teratophoneus by Teratophoneus XD
Here it is , my size comparison of Teratophoneus, Utah´s monstrous murderer.
And yes, it was that small. Still this animal probably was among the top predators of its time. The animal is known from an incomplete skeleton.
It lived in the late cretaceous and it had a shorter deeper skull than average tyrannosaurs, thats why it is sometime called the short faced trannosaur. It was a Tyrannosaurine Tyrannosaurid.
This is a remake of this[link]

For other tyrannosauroids I did (I am doing the whole family at the moment ) see
Raptorex [link]
Iliosuchus [link]
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tyrannotitanstudiosHobbyist Artist
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herofan135Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay! Your namesake! Looks really great! :D
Small?! That dinosaur is far bigger than almost any land predator alive today. :wow:
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dinosaurusbrazilHobbyist Traditional Artist
When will you make a Nototyrannus?
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I did already 3 of them! :)
2 of them are tyrannosaurid nototyrannus but then I heard it was an abelisauroid theropod and made a third pic that showed an abelisaur.
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SOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont think you can make it any better
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thanks a lot :)
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Arbiter10123Student General Artist
Great to finally see this tyrannosaurid, I love this dino.
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haha, me too :D
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Arbiter10123Student General Artist
Could I request a dino? If so, could you please do Sarcosaurus?
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sarcosaurus, i was thinking about this for some time, maybe in the next weeks I can do one :)
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Arbiter10123Student General Artist
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Very cool, I love your tyrannosaurids keep em up
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PeteriDishHobbyist General Artist
you seem to have a "soft spot" for tyrannosaurids =) well done! beautiful work! =)
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Dein Lieblingsdinosaurier?
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nein das ist immer noch t rex aber der hier zählt auf jeden fall zu meinen favoriten :D
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Wieso gefällt der dir eigentlich so viel? ;D
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welcher jetzt Rex oder tera?
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keine ahnung, irgendwie ist der name geil. Für meine account wollt ich halt irgend nen dino namen ham, aber t rex gabs schon, also hab ich mir halt teratophoneus ausgesucht. Außerdem mag ich tyrannosaurier generell :D
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Dann könntest du auch mal mehr T-Rexe zeichnen! ;D Auch wenn du vor kurzem einen gemacht hast! :D
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der king is halt was besonderes, den kann ich halt nich einfach mal so zeichnen. Denn für mich ist das so: wenn ich schon einen rex mache dann muss er auch richtig epic aussehen :D.
In zukunft wereden auch noch ein paar mehr kommen. Da ich eh die ganze tyrannosauroiden familie mache, kommt der auch noch aber wahrscheinlich erst am ende(das beste kommt ja bekanntlich immer zum schluss). Als nächstes ist bistahieversor dran
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BlackSpider-ManHobbyist General Artist
:icontyrannosaurusrexplz::iconsaysplz: "I wonder how many family members I have?"
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