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Tarbosaurus bataar

Aaaannnd finally we have one of the most anticipated dinosaur of the tyrannosaur project:The huge asian theropod Tarbosaurus bataar, a very close relative of T-rex. often beeing called the asian t rex some experts think tthat they are the same species however many disagree and point to differences in the skulls of the 2 animals. Tarbosaurus was asias biggest theropod and the top predator of its time in its environment. Its arms were very short and it had a massive skull.
This is one of my best pics and the replacement for this pic Tarbosaurus bataar
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It's interesting. i like this version!

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I personally think it is a species of Tyrannosaurus because I find the argument that they lived on different continents to be weak. Wolves and dingos are even the same species and they live on different continents and it only took a brief drop in sea level to allow dingos to migrate to Australia and such a drop happened at the end of the cretaceous which likely also contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs which really does appear to be gradual and it's even apparent when you are near the boundary because you see hardly a scrap of bone and ones that are tend to be redeposited. You learn a lot when you go out and actually do stuff in the field. I suggest doing so yourself though not with Marmarth research foundation.

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i actually wrote a song about a tarbosaurus
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That reminds me a giant, bloodthirsty chiken... 
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The awesome lizard hero.
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Ripper image, keep up the great work but the tail should be scaly
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Hmmm...there is a piece of preserved scales from one piece of the tail, that doesn't mean the whole tail was covered in them.
It may be the case that the underside was scaly and the upside was fluffy

[EDIT: heh, those scale samples are not even from Tarbosaurus, so it's kinda just artistic interpretation]
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It's not the artist's fault (or any other artist who draws the big Tyrannosaurs), but I hate the big-headed Tyrannosaurs like Tarbosaurus. But of course there are plenty of exceptions of Tyrannosauroids with not so big heads.
I'm just much more of a basal sauropodomorpha, early theropoda or Abelisaur fan.
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VERY NICE WORK!!!!:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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Pretty awesome!! 
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Großartig wie immer! Die Federn schön fusselig und die Schuppen rau...

Hmm... Ich denke T-Rex und Tarbo sind in etwa so vergleichbar wie Indischer und Afrikanischer Elefant.
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I've been looking at your paleo art and I'm liking it a lot, you've got quite a unique style that looks pretty amazing.

I'm going to be honest though, and this is a bit off subject of your art, but I've always found it a bit questionable seeing the Big Tyrannos having feathers in their adult stage.  While as young and definitely their ancestral line probably had feathers, with the really big ones the feathers seem out of place; like something that could potentially make them overheat, especially Bataar since it came from the Gobi Desert and surrounding region.

Still, this pic is great.  Definitely going to look through more. ^^
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Feathers are actually quite good at blocking heat, so a fluffy Tarbosaurus would be more resilient to temprature changes, which you have in the desert.
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Amazing. This may be one of your best.
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This looks so cool, great job on the pose and shading!
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There are a few other contenders for Asia’s biggest theropod, such as Chilantaisaurus and Zhuchengtyrannus.
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it's the best you ever made always improving
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Thank you! this is amazing drawing for one of my favourite dinosaurs :D
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Great facts there and it is a great drawing :D
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thank you very much :D
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Great work on this famous Asian tyrannosaurid!
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thank you very much :D
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