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Tarbosaurus bataar

Tarbosaurus is one of the best known and one of the biggest tyrannosaurids. Only T rexis bigger and despite t-rex only Zhuchengtyrannus was as big as Tarbosaurus.Tarbosaurus was ca 12 metreslong and is known from several skeleton . It lived inasia in the late cretaceous.
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Well, its more accurate then your new one, the Tarbosaurus didn't have feathers. But this one is shrink-wrapped.

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uhm my latest one doesnt have feathers...

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oh, sorry, I was looking at the wrong one. Your newest one is accurate

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Is this dinosaur related to the master bataar?
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12 Meters? T-Rex is 13 meters. Damn! it's nearly as big as a T-Rex!!! O.O
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t.rex is closer to being 12 meters actually
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its fine
I noticed that one of the image's in the gallery shows the trex being 13 meters
witch is a bit too long :/ 
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i think its tyrannosaurus bataar
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There's enough morphological differences in the skull to determine it it's own genus.
It's debatable, Tarbosaurus has a more narrow skull and more teeth.

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cool. tambien escuche qe vivio por África en ese periodo compitiendo con el spinosaurus
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spinosaurus vivio antes que tarbo y , competia con el carcharodontosaurus
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jajajaj ok.. lo confundí con el carcharodontosaurus, no es gran cosa
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Looks good :), but don't you think (after the discovery of Yutyrannus) it would have had more feathers:?
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nope,actually we have skin impressions from albertosaurus that show that the big tyrannosaurids were scaled. This doesnt mean that they had no feathers but that they were scaled mostly. Yutyrannus is a basal trannosauroid , it is closely related to the earlier coelurids, whichare tyrannosauroids too . These jurassic small carnivores had probably feathers and during the evolution of tyrannosaurids,the feathers probably got lost in the big tyrannosaurids.
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Well, since albertosaurus lived in canada some of them may have had feathers,as for tarbosaurus it may have had display feathers,or since the desert is quite cold at night some feathers for insulation. 
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There's enough evidence to suggest these scales are in fact modified feathers.
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as long as they look like scales i´m fine with that :)
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Well most paleontologists now believe that even the biggest tyrannosaurs retained a certain amount of feathers into adulthood, so too bad for biased nostalgiatards like you. 
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