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T.rex over the years

This is a montage of the evolution of my T rex drawings starting from the very first I did back in 2006 . There are some more rexes I did but I chose only one for each year , the one that shows the improvement of my art the best. I cant believe it is now 10 years I am on this platform, having over 3k whatchers and getting so much support from you guys, it really means the world!
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Always great to see someone's art evolve like this. A lot of nice T. rex's in this post too!

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seeing your art grow over the years has been wonderful

malevouvenator's avatar

What a wild ride dude!

Teratophoneus's avatar

indeed old friend, indeed ;D

ThePokeSaurus's avatar

My favorites are 2018 to 2021.

Evodolka's avatar

great improvement over the years :D

Baryonyx62's avatar

Especially from 2006 to 2011 there is a large improvement. Well done!

Outstanding Tyrannosaurus rex collection dude keep up with the good work
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Graphic progression

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I like all of them :) If you don’t mind me asking, did you start drawing when you were a kid or as an adult? The earliest memory I have of myself drawing was when I was 4.

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as a kid in kindergarten, even have a few of those drawings somewhere. However it was when Iw as around 12 when I decided I want to do it "professionally"

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I'm one of your newest watchers, and yet I feel old just from looking at how far you've progressed

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You’re pretty ancient, and one of the OG paleoartists. Been active since 2006 and still going strong till today

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