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Szechuanosaurus campi



This is the probably most accurate infographic about szechuanosaurus sofar , maybe it is even the first one

Name: Szechuanosaurus campi,?S. zigongensis
Place: China
Diet: Meat

Szechuanosaurus is an elusive animal. Tough not as popular as sinraptor or yangchuanosaurus, the animal is known to some people. The type species S. campi is based on 4 teeth, a proabably second genus , S.zigongensis is more completely but some think it belongs to a seperate genus. The animal is estimated to have reached a length of 6-7 metres. It was a carnivore with blade like teth.
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Aww! It's so cute! But if one was breathing down my neck like this guy, I'd likely think otherwise.

Might I just ask how you go about drawing all of these? For sure you know alot about prehistoric animals, so even with limbs and teeth you are able to get a general idea of the size and body shape :)
But how do you go about the shading and scaling? And what kind of pencil do you use?