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Suchomimus tenerensis

Suchomimsu, one of the biggest spinosaurs, in an awesome 3d picture based only on the actual skeleton
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I would hate to be his dentist. 
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looks like a naked mole rat, but oddly I doesn't look too bad
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Haha... don't take me wrong but it kinda looks like some giant fur-less rat to me... =P

Are you sure the perspective is correct? Looks a little extreme to me...
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I love it! He's all "IN YOUR FACE!" ha ha! Great!
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Whoa, great perspective! Almost 3D!! :D
Teratophoneus's avatar
thats what I had in mind, good to hear it worked :D
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Oh, I say the skeleton, and this is even better than it! This is absolutely amazing!
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This is so monster!
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That was the awesomest art I ever seen!:wow: And especially Quill-like!;)
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that's one mighty big head XD
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Ach, Herr L. Rey, wusste gar nicht, dass Sie auf deviantArt sind. :D
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Also Suchomimus an sich ist ja schon cool, aber die Perspektive lässt das noch wesentlich beeindruckender aussehen.
Die Borsten sind auch eine gute Idee. ^^
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dankesehr, ja ich find auch das das eins meiner besten ist :D
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Really good drawing and perspective.
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Oh Gott, gleich hat er uns, gleich hat er uns!!! :thumbsup:
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Ja ich hab den 3d shot des skeletts in nem buch von mir gefunden und dachte da lässt sich bestimmt was draus machen :D
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