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Suchomimus tenerensis

Suchomimus tenerensis, with an lenght of 11-12 metres the third biggest spinosaurid,after spinosaurus and oxalaia.
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Baryonyx, Suchomimus, Spinosauris, Irritator, Siamosaurus, Oxalaia, Ostafrikasaurus, Chilantaisaurus, Cristatusaurus, Ichthyovenator, and Suchosaurus. Quite literally the crocodiles of the dinosaur world. Epic picture, by the way.
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I am still a little bit sceptic wether chilantaisaurus is really a spinosaur, I think its more likely a neovenátorid, but thank you anyway :D
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Well, the most recent consensus is indeed that Chilantaisaurus is a neovenátorid, although it was initially classified as a basal spinosaurid due to its huge talons. My bad. Thanks for correcting me. Another interesting tidbit is that Suchosaurus may or may not be the same genus as Baryonyx, in which case the latter name would be defunct.
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:D an adult Suchomimus is the same size as Acro and T-Rex (42' long, 12' high and 6 tons). Agree?
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Amazing work! Lovin' it. :thumbsup:
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Like Baryonyx. Fossils of Suchomimus shows they weren't full grown meaning it could of been even bigger.
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And  a 9 meter long holotype for
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The holotype was 10 meters,meaning 11-12 meters would be the adult size.
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Love the details!
Like all your Spinosaurs you never cease to amaze!
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