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Stokesosaurus clevelandi



At least, I regained some control over my virus infected computer, although the virus block my whole computer, I pressed so much buttons and clicked that often on my mouse that I managed to overload the virus page (take that stupid virus!). I still have to repair my computer and my browser shuts down sometimes as the virus has some really nasty effects, but at least I managed to get acces to my browser and on deviant art so that I can submit this little critter: Stokesosaurus, a small to midsized north american tyrannosauroid. Stokesosaurus is known from only fragmentary remains but is a valid genus. former species of stokesosaurus (the biggest species) was found different enough to get its own genus and was renamed Juratyrant in 2012.
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Very nice, as usual :).

I would like to request Dinotyrannus, its a rarely heard of tyrannosaurid that may had been a Tyrannosaurus, but I think it could be its own species.