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Sonorasaurus thompsoni

Sonorasaurus thompsoni, was a 15 metre long, american brachiosaurid sauropod. It name means sonora lizard. It lived in the middle cretaceous.
Picture is based on PaleoKings Brachiosaur Parade Sonorasaurus
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May 11, 2009, 1:07:08 PM
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Nice one! Proportions look great. One tip though, stop putting elephant nails on manus digits 2-5 and pes digits 4 and 5. Those fingers and toes didn't have nails. The only nails on all eusauropods were the thumb claws and the triple foot claws. This might be the biggest issue that needs fixing on all your sauropods :( also the ankles look a little too high, the back feet are not very tall in sauropods. Look at any of my sauropods, the ankle joint is pretty close to the ground and the metatarsals are not so vertical and long. That should only be true of the hand.

And yes, I know that a lot of dinosaur books put nails on all the digits. They're wrong. Most book artists are just commercial artists who have no paleo-experience and merely copy earlier inaccurate drawings.
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Yeah the biggest problems are the hind legs. So only the 3 inner toes had claws on the hindleg, right? I used your futalognkosaurus as reference for the feet [link] and it looked that the nails of the frontlimb look like those of an elephant. Weoll I think this sonorasaurus here looks too short , dont know why, it just looks too short in my opinion... My englisch isnt so god, becase i am from germany, what do you mean with the ankle joint? Is this the line that goes up from the nail in my picture?
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My Futalognkosaurus doesn't actually have "elephant nails" on its hands. I simply shaded the edges of the lower finger segments to highlight their shape and angle, but that is SKIN, not nails. I didn't make the shading very dark, it's not supposed to look like nails.

The ankle joint is the top of the foot. It is VERY tall and vertical in your drawings, but in sauropods it should be lower and the metatarsals bone should be more angled forward. Look at my Argentinosaurus [link] , how I restored the missing foot bones, this is based on other sauropods like Giraffatitan. The foot is short and the ankle is not very high.

The three inner toes on the hind foot had claws. The outer two toes were buried in the skin and did not have nails. Also the front limb only had one nail, that is the thumb claw. The other digits were covered in skin.
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ah thats the ankle joint. I really missed somethingin my sauropods, and it wys the ankle joint, i totally forgot him, dammed! OH I mistook the shading in the futalognkosaurus as nails. I really have to research more on sauropods, I mostly search for theropods, which I can draw much better(normally) . Well I started a Drusilasaura now, and I think this will be looking anatomically perfect, well anatomically perfect as far as we can say, because the fossil record is very small, so theres much room for making the exact shape. Btw do you know histriasaurus?
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Not really... it's the first known Rebbachisaur, right? But very fragmentary...

Drusilasaura, based on the known fossils, probably looked like a mix of Futalognkosaurus and Puertasaurus. (By which I mean my versions, not Fabio Pastori's or Gabriel Lio's... those are just awful! :XD:)
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funny , the result looks like the head of a puertasaurus with the body of a futalognkosaurus or somethink like that, I will upload it now.
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and yeah its one of the first rebbachisaurids with an estimated lengh of over 20 metres. I like rebbachisaurs because of their "sails".
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Rebbachisaurids? :O Drusilasaura is a titanosaur LOL!
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Another excellent sauropod! I love the head on this one!!
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thanks, I think the whole dinsaur is too short. But hey, thanks to you I will make a new drusilasaura. As you said, it looks as a dicraeosaurid and as it was a lognkosaurid, I will make a new, better one, what means i am the first person who has made 2 drusilasauras :D
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You should use Paleo King's Futalognkosaurus or Puertasaurus as a guide for your new Drusilasaura. ;)
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ahh, I orient on the head from Mendozasaurus and the body of a typical lognkosaurid: Big, bulky and massive, with a thick neck and a medium sized tail. And this time i have searched for some information on drusilasaura and i will base it on that information mostly.
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Ok, that should work also. :)
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Its finish and i would uzpload tít ,but the caregory button dont work so i cant upload it :/
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oops i meant upload it not tit :D
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