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Sinocalliopteryx gigas



Sinocalliopteryx gigas is the biggest compsognathid known to date. It was 2.5 metres long and apparently preyed up on other smaller compsognathids and even dromaeosaurs. Its name means  beautyful chinese feather
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Sorry to ask in an old post, but perhaps Sinocalliopteryx may heve reached greater sizes.

The holotype measures 2.37 meters from head to tail. However, in 2012, a larger specimen was discovered, with a skull 10 percent larger and feet a third larger, explained by allometry.

Using the skull, we obtain a length of 2.6 m, but with the feet we would have a 3.16 meter long compsoghnatid.

And this website even estimates it at 3.5 m, which at first glance may be an absurd estimate, but it may not be that crazy.

Also, how did Yixian mid-size predators (Repenomamus giganticus, Dilong, Sinocalliopteryx and Zhenyuanlong) avoid competition? I had several ideas:

-Repenomamus was generalistic and went after slow and naive prey such as juveniles.

-Sinocalliopteryx went after birds and flying prey, evidenced by stomach contents.

-Dilong hunted large prey in packs/mobs such as its larger cousin Yutyrannus.

-Zhenyuanlong hunted prey similar in size to it, animals not as large as the ones hunted by Dilong but slower and less agile than the ones eaten by Sinocalliopteryx.