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Scelidosaurus harrisoni

man, armoured dinosaurs are really complicated to drawbut hella fun. Drawing all these osteoderms and spikes can actually be really saitsfying for some reason. And while scelidosaurus despite its look is not an ankylosaur it still is one of th earliest known armoured dinosaurs. Its in a basal place in tyreophora, the group that includes ankylosaurs and stegosaurs. Not only is itone of the earliest known tyreophorans, it also is one of the few dinosaurs we know from the early jurassic, dinosaurs from that particular time tend to be rather rare. Scelidosaurus really was a spiky critter, there were rows of osteoderms and spiked running along the neck body and tail.
Scelidosaurus is an animal that I know since earliest childhood,I remember it being in the first dinosaur book I had. Its also the very first time I draw this animal.
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It looks like it wants scritches.

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I found drawing osteoderms very relaxing, to be honest. 😃

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Looks draconic, love em

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Is it still an early stegosaurid?