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Sauroniops pachytholus

Well, actually everything of this pic is awesome, except for the damn head,I spend hours trying to do itperfect but everything I ended up with is this abmination. I woulhave thrown it into the dustbin, but the environment looks goodso I uploadedit. Hopefully the next picxs wil be awesome again.
Sauroniops is a new described carcharodontosaurid
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"Did you really think a megalosaur could content with the will of Saurinops? There are none who can"
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Just love that it was named after Sauron because all they found of it was the frontal, so a bit near the eye. it manifested itself, like Sauron, with only its eye.
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Awesome. i just read about this predator. as basal as Eocarcharia and sharing the same turf as Carcharodontosaurus and Spinosaurus. this is an animal to be reckoned with.
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I still don't understand how you can think this is bad. The only thing even remotely iffy about it is the neck around the jaw...
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Only thing I can see wrong is that his eyes look a little too dark. Very good job!
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Also der sieht doch echt genial aus. ^^
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I think it looks pretty cool dude. :thumbsup:
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Wie groß war der?! :)
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what? dustbin? this? dude! :jawdrop:
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