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Ruyangosaurus giganteus



Ruyangosaurus giganteus

Place: Mangchuan Formation ,China
Time: Late cretaceous (Cenomanian-Turonian 99-89 million years ago)
Diet: Plant eater (herbivore)
Lenght: Estimated 30 metres
Holotype:41HIII-0002, consists of parts of the postcranial skeleton).
Ruyangosaurus is a huge chinese sauropod and represents the biggest chinese sauropod so far. The animals humerus alone was 235 cm long. It was probably even bigger than argentinosaurus. Ruyangosaurus giganteus is the only species of Ruyangosaurus.

It lived together with huanghetitan,another huge sauropod.
Ruyangosaurus was a plant eater. It probably had a long neck for eating plants and leaves from high trees.

Note: The femur shown on my pic is not in scale with the whole animal I depicted.

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Ruyangosaurus did not live together with Huanghetitan...
Huanghetitan is from the Early Cretaceous