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Paludititan nalatzensis 2

Overworked paludititan . Now with a more brachiosaur like back,thicker body and bigger humerus
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NICE! 2 thumb claws up! Now this is an "Isisaurine" for sure! I know it's hard to fix the back, probably it would take digital editing to get it just right, but this is already a BIG improvement!
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thank you very very much. Its nice to hear that from you :)
my newest picture is the -I think-first reconstruction of this new thai mamenchisaur.
For it, I tried out a new "3d perspective": It looks like your standing under it and youre looking up to it.
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Wow that looks nice! The head might need to be a bit more rounded though.
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yes maybe, its my first time doing a dinosaur in this perspective :)
By the way, do you have some infos about this new dinosaur ?
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Not much. It's just a single vertebra so its' hard to tell. It just looks like a typical mamenchisaur, similar to Chuanjiesaurus.
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both are amazing and i dont know which i like more
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