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Otodus megalodon

yep, I wanted to do the biggest of emall by end of this series but I thought screw it, and so you get megalodon already today! Megalodon is the largest shark that we know of, a leviathan of the oceans. Its jaws alone are 2 meters high , this thing woukld have been able to gulp a human easily.  The exact size is unknown, they range from 14-20 meters at the extremes but usually it is given at between 16 and 18 meters, the measurements in this drawing are for a 16 meter individual.
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Jun 14, 2021, 5:54:38 PM
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Is it true that scientists think that they continued to grow their entire lives? Or am I just imagining that?

The 18m estimate is for the very biggest females; most females got to 15-16m when fully grown.

Aside from size, meg deserves attention for just how long it existed (most of the Miocene plus around one and a half million years in the Early Pliocene). It existed for nearly 20 million years, when most apex predators only last for a couple million years, five million if especially successful. And it wasn’t like it had free reign because it had no competion; the opposite in fact, it had a huge array of cetaceans (including perhaps the ultimate raptorial cetacean) and other sharks that competed with it (the Late Miocene Pacific between 10-8MYA in particular has to rank as the most dangerous ocean ever). To top it off megalodon even managed to outlast all of its cetacean competitors (orcas wouldn't become large raptorial predators until later) and some of its fellow large predatory sharks it competed with.

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Thats a thicc Mag . He looks awesome

Shark Week is coming on July 11th.