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Ostafrikasaurus crassiseratus



This year seems to be very good for spinosaurs, this one is the second one of this year. Ostafrikasaurus is its name and it is based only on teeth.

Name: Ostafrikasaurus crassiserratus
Weigth: ?
Lenght: estimated by me at 8,2 metres,based on a comparison between the teeth of irritaor and that of ostafrikasaurus.
Place: Tendaguru formation,Africa
Time :Late jurassic
Diet: Fish and meat.

First scientifically correct Ostafrikasaurus on Da and also the first reference sheet and size stimation ever of this animal hahahahahaha, triumph is mine :D
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I like the Ostafrikasaurus that Hyrotrioskjan made more because it's supposed to be a very primitive (the basalmost) member of the spinosaurids and here the face and snout look like the other spinosaurids that lived much later.