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Ostafrikasaurus crassiseratus

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This year seems to be very good for spinosaurs, this one is the second one of this year. Ostafrikasaurus is its name and it is based only on teeth.

Name: Ostafrikasaurus crassiserratus
Weigth: ?
Lenght: estimated by me at 8,2 metres,based on a comparison between the teeth of irritaor and that of ostafrikasaurus.
Place: Tendaguru formation,Africa
Time :Late jurassic
Diet: Fish and meat.

First scientifically correct Ostafrikasaurus on Da and also the first reference sheet and size stimation ever of this animal hahahahahaha, triumph is mine :D
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I like the Ostafrikasaurus that Hyrotrioskjan made more because it's supposed to be a very primitive (the basalmost) member of the spinosaurids and here the face and snout look like the other spinosaurids that lived much later.
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SameerPrehistoricaProfessional Digital Artist
I am not really sure on some animals being different which look very similar. Can i use this as reference ?
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I would be honored if you would use this as a reference :D
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SameerPrehistoricaProfessional Digital Artist
Of course i will use this. I will be making a picture of this theropod group. Previously there was like 6 members and now i noted there are like 10 of them,however few of them doesn't seem to have enough proof that they legitimately belong to this group.So i have decided to put 8 members overall.
                           Usually if i need some animal for reference i will look for skeleton pictures,mostly the head is the one which is needed and if no skeleton picture is available for an animal i search then i would have to look for drawings. If someone could provide me reference image always of the animals which i want to make,then there is no need for me to waste time searching for reference image on my own.lol. I would want to make few more theropods and i noted that you have made plenty of them. If i need any of them as reference ,i will let you know.                   
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Skalle-ArtStudent General Artist
Great picture ^^
The name is quite interesting. "Ost" is German for east. I love names like this that are made from German words, English words and so on ^^

Also the spinosaurids are definitely my favorite piscivore theropods ^^
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DinoBirdManStudent Artist
I've seen this spinosaur of the Jurassic world for million years including this one but exept another one who is find in united state.
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Too spinosaur like. I think the Ostafrikasaurus was more primitive, megalosaur-dilophosaur(?) like.
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But this IS a spinosaur.
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We al know this. But because of its age, its should be look a little bit more priitive, megalosaur like.
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SaberrexHobbyist General Artist
yay! i have wanted to see this jurassic leviathan. spinosaurs are definitely my favorite of the pre-campanion stage predators.
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Lovely work
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TheOneTrueSirCharlesHobbyist General Artist
Excellent work my man!
You never cease to amaze! :)

Not only is the year of the Dragon it's also the year of the Spinosaur! :D
My year actually my Birthday is May 2nd and I was born in 1988 also year of the Dragon! :D
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thanks a lot. :)
Yes, you are right, this seems to be a good year for spinosaurs :D
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TheOneTrueSirCharlesHobbyist General Artist
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HyrotrioskjanProfessional General Artist
Ah, also hast du meinen Vorschlag angenommen =)
Sehr schön finde ich hier die Umsetzung der krokodilartigen Merkmale.
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vielen,vielen dank. 2012 scheint ein gutes jahr für spinosaurier zu sein, in den 4 monaten dieses jahres haben wir schon 2 neue .
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HyrotrioskjanProfessional General Artist
Ja, die Ceratopsier-Phase scheint vorüber zu sein =D
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Lucern7Student General Artist
I do like the size of this one, not quite colossal but not tiny either.
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