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Ornithomimus edmontonicus

A quick sketch of the new discovery that ornithomimus was feathered and had huge feathers on its arms.
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Your drawings remind me of the work of William Stout.
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Nice drawing, good work on the wing. Though the hands doesn't look much like those of Ornithomimus. Also ornithomimosaurs (or atleast advanced ones, I'm not sure) does not have a hallux. Other than that, it looks cool.
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thanks, I really appreciate it.
Actually, this was done without any references, its actually just a school doodle done in about just an hour. I wasnt really inspired, just wanted to jump on the bandwaggon ;) , so its not something specia. I will make a remake soon
But thanks a lot for the comment :D
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You're welcome. I saw you've written this drawing was a skecth but I didn't think it was done without references, otherwise I wouldn't have made my comment. The head is particularly well drawn, it just seemed that you were using references.

On a side note, I jumped on the bandwaggon too, though the result of this action is still awaiting for upload.
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well, it really was done without references, itwas entirely made at school in about an hour or so. I just used myintuition to draw the head,nothing more, so it seems I got lucky with the head :D
Cantwait to see yours :D
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Really cool, I read about this a few days ago. Really nice illustration!
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Yeah I just recently found out that they had wings on their arms. How did they find out though? That I don't know.
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I KNOW they found studs in the arm bones,but I believe they recently found feather prints as well :)
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Okay thanks for telling me then.
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Clues in the skeleton maybe? There are these kinds of studs on the arm bones if tbe animal had feathers there, or from thesttructure of the surrounding rock - i.e. Feather prints in the stone? Or chemical analysis of the surrounding rock? Those are the possibilities i know of, but i don't know for sure either. Thing is, if feather pronts are ever found - in case thy haven't been already - it could even be explored what color it had when it was alive! :)
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